Growing Beans {Watch My Garden Grow Series}

Get all of the tips you need to be able to grow green beans in your own garden at home. Know when to plant and when to harvest. Get delicious fresh food right at home!

Green beans in a basket

Green beans are one of the easiest things you can grow in your garden. They are also quite easy to can, so if you want to grow a bunch, you can have them all winter long! Beans can be bush beans or pole beans. I like bush because you don’t have to support them at all–they are less maintenance.

What you need to grow beans:

When to plant green beans:

Beans are tender. Plant just before your average date of the last frost. I plant mine about mid-May. Bush beans all come on at once, so I do one row, wait two weeks, and then plant a second row (unless I am canning–then I do them all at once). 

Where to plant:

“They” say beans need full sun. I plant my beans in part shade and they do very well. 

How to plant:

  1. Prep soil.
  2. Plant seed about 1 inch deep and 2-3 inches apart.
  3. Water.

How to care for beans:

  1. Beans are very easy. Just keep them watered. Too much water can make them grow slowly.
  2. You also want to keep weeds picked. 

How to harvest beans:

  • Harvest when the beans are about the right length and size. You don’t want to wait until they are too big–then the seeds are huge inside. 
  • Harvest continually. The plants will continue to flower and produce beans for 2-3 weeks if a bush plant (longer if pole).
  • One note–I have found spiders love to hang out in bean plants. So do earwigs. Just be warned. I always wear gloves when I pick these things because I hate to touch those bugs. 

That is about it. Pretty simple right?

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