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Poll Results: Announcing Pregnancy

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Preparing Children for New Baby {Guest Post}

You can check me out today over at where I am talking about our STTN stories for all four kids. Today’s post here is from Emily. by Emily Parker… View Post

Surviving Bed Rest when Pregnant

How to survive bedrest when pregnant. Tips to save your sanity when you are stuck in bed and also take care of your family. Bed rest is one of those… View Post

Postpartum Body

source The recent appearance of Kate Middleton willing to (gasp!) show off that she still looked like a pregnant lady shortly after delivering her baby has brought a lot of… View Post

Index: Pregnancy/Postpartum

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Reading While Pregnant

In  The Read-Aloud Handbook , Jim Trelease shares a study done by Anthony DeCasper at the University of North Carolina on the effects of reading to babies in utero. To sum… View Post

Thank You to My Husband

I have mentioned throughout this pregnancy how incredibly helpful my husband was during the pregnancy. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank him for all he did in a… View Post