Poll Results: Announcing Pregnancy


Our latest poll was on announcing pregnancy. It was so fun to read through the answers! You can see them here. The answers are completely worth the read–there are a lot of insightful thoughts. Here are the results:


How many weeks gestation were you when you announced you were pregnant?

5ish Weeks: 7

8 Weeks: 3

12 Weeks: 2



Did you tell everyone at once, or did you tell family and close friends first and then weeks later tell the general public?

Family/Friends first–general public later: 10

Family/Friends first–general public later, but close together: 1

All at once basically: 1



What was your rational for announcing when you did?

Excited/Celebrating Life Right Away: 6

Wanted to wait until after ultrasound/”safer” from miscarriage time: 4

Private person so I didn’t broadcast: 1

Medical Mix Up: 1

Will you do things differently next time?

Yes: 5

No: 6



Any fun ideas for how to make the big announcement?

Katy said: For the first announcement, took a pic of our dogs saying they were going to be big brothers. This time took a picture of my daughter in a big sister shirt. Tried to get her to hold the ultrasound but that didn’t happen.


Ashley said: I want to make a sign/graphic announcing Baby’s due date, take pictures with my son wearing a “Big Brother” shirt, and take more baby bump photos than I did the first time around. I am hoping to have another pregnancy after #2, but Hubby isn’t on board with that at this time.


Amanda said: When we announced baby #3- had the girls sit at the kids table in our homeschool room. They wach had a sign in front of them “Big Sister” and “Big Sister in Training” with a sign in the middle of the table that said “New Job Starts Aug 2015”


Laura said: “For Baby 1 we took both sets of grandparents for dinner and gave them wrapped baby photo almbums with the sonogram picture

For Baby 2 cute Etsy tshirts announcing the pregnancy, then texted the picture to everyone else.”


Kellilayne said: “I saw one once that had a picture of the mom holding a “bun in the oven” sign and the dad holding a “baker” sign. That made me laugh. :p” 


Christine said: “We took pictures of shoes in a row, with our D.O.B underneath.”


Jess said: Pinterest gives me all my ideas 

smile emoticon


Anything else you want to say?

Ashley said: My dear friend who has struggled with infertility said that she would share news of her pregnancy as soon as she knew because all life deserves to be celebrated, no matter how short-lived. I thought she had a beautiful attitude and am encouraged to do that next time around.”


Laura said: “In both cases we called importante people to let them know in the phone prior to putting it up on Facebook.”


Kellilayne said: “If I had a miscarriage in the first trimester I didn’t want to have to talk about it with everyone. My rule of thumb was, if I wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing news of a miscarriage with someone, I didn’t tell them I was pregnant until the 2nd trimester”


Christine said: “I totally get why people wait to announce in regards to the risk of miscarriage (I really stressed about this), but someone once said something that changed my mind. That is, every life should be acknowledged. If you keep the knowledge of your pregnancy to yourself, then miscarry, others don’t necessarily get to acknowledge your bubba’s life. However, I totally respect everyone else’s point of view in this regard. It is a very personal decision.”

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