Brayden Child Summary: 6 Years Old

6 year old life and daily schedule. Learn about this child’s daily schedule and how to handle things that come up with six year olds.

Brayden playing soccer

The older women at my church have always had the habit of stressing to us young mothers to enjoy the moment and soak up what we have now because we will miss it someday.

I believe them, and I try to do my best to follow their advice.

And now that Brayden has turned six (he needs two hands to show you how old he is), I think I am starting to get it.

He is already six! In six more years, he will be twelve. Six more, eighteen and graduating high school! Time goes by faster and faster.


Sleeping has been good with no sleeping battles in the last few months. Looking at my last post, I guess it has been since January, so that is great. He has been really good about going to bed and staying there.


With nice weather, I have been letting rest time slide. He is in school half of the day, then he needs to practice piano, do homework, have independent play, and play outside.

So rest time has not been happening most days. However, I do plan on it happening in the summer when school is out. It will be perfect. It will be the hottest point of the day and he will come in for some rest.

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Eating is good. Brayden loves to eat.

He also is very willing to try new foods. And he is one of those eaters who “mmms” all the way through it–he always has been. He is like Bob on What About Bob? Except now he does the three “mmms” “Mmmm-mmmm-mmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I love cooking for him.


Things are still good with siblings. Brayden and McKenna have moments where McKenna really bothers him by playing baby-zilla and breaking his latest LEGO creation. He handles her well. 

Brayden and Kaitlyn absolutely love each other. Kaitlyn was gone for a couple of days visiting my in-laws and Brayden was seriously lost without her. She lives without him each day, but he is used to her always being there.

When she came home, they hugged for several minutes and both got teary-eyed. She would call and say, “Hi Mom. Can I talk to Brayden?” They are best friends. 


School is going well. There haven’t been any issues.


Brayden loves the piano. He loves to play. For his first recital, he did three songs all from memory. At his recital, there were about 90-100 people there.

He is either too confident to be nervous or too young to know he should be nervous. But once he sat down, his mind went totally blank and he needed help, but then he was just fine.

He is almost to the point that I can’t really help him anymore because he is moving beyond my knowledge. 


We are still enjoying our chapter books. We have now read several of the Narnia books, two Harry Potter books, Magic Treehouse books (which I think he is now bored with) and several others. One simple series he is liking right now is the Pee-Wee Scouts series. 


Soccer season is about to end. It is so interesting to see how much they have improved in just two years playing. He has had a lot of fun. 


We had a dentist visit during this period and things went well. He was good for his x-rays and good for his cleaning. Nice and simple.

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Brayden talks a lot, but he isn’t one to divulge deep personal feelings freely. I don’t know if it is an age thing, a boy thing, or a personality thing.

I have to spend a big chunk of time with him to start to get real feelings out of him. I constantly ask him how his day was, what he did, who he played with, and I get one-word answers back.

But if we spend a few hours running errands or if he helps me clean the bathrooms, then after a while, he starts talking.

I share this to help you think in terms of “quantity time” to get information from your children. Time gets them comfortable enough to start sharing what is in their hearts.


Concerns with this age group…for me concerns are all around moral choices. He isn’t old enough for them to be morality (happily–those will be harder parenting days!). They are about being nice, playing nicely, etc.

We have our teaching moments (like not telling the neighbor girl you are tired of playing with girls), but we also have our triumphs (like telling the neighbor boy that no, he will not dump sand all over McKenna’s head because she is his sister and he loves her).

I am glad my concerns are not over things like food or sleeping. I am glad we faced those concerns in the younger years so I can focus more on developing things like good morals and good work ethic in his current years.


Here is our weekday schedule:
7:00–get up. Read scripture stories. Shower. Get ready. Eat breakfast.
9:00–at school.
12:30–eat lunch. Then play with siblings.
2:00–Go outside to play.
3:30–homework and piano
4:00–independent playtime.
5:00–play with siblings until dinner
5:30–dinner. Then family time.
8:00–in bed

Sometimes homework and piano come before outside time. Other things we do include learning activities, SSR, and chores. I am sure there are others.



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  1. This was a cute post. You are very good at noticing and reporting on the "little things" your kids do and their personalities – and relating them to the big picture. I always enjoy reading these summaries!

  2. I think about that now, too. Thanks to the BW series but also just as much to your blog and email group, I feel like sleep and eating and independent playing habits are all laid as a foundation so that we can work on the next important things to come up.


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