Brayden Child Summary: 6.25 Years Old

6.25 year old life and daily schedule. Learn about this child’s daily schedule and how to handle things that come up with six year olds.

6 year old Brayden playing LEGOS outside

Here we have it. The last quarter of life before Brayden starts full day school.

This is sad for me. Preschool? No biggie.

Kindergarten wasn’t any longer than preschool.

I cried the last day of Kindergarten, not the first. I will cry the first day of first grade, no doubt. Thus ends the age of his complete innocence. ::Sigh::


Sleep is going well. We haven’t had any issues. He is more flexible with sleep, meaning he can stay up late and not turn into a crazy person. He also will actually sleep in the next day (you know, to 8 AM) if he was up late the night before. 

Rest Time

I actually stuck to rest time very closely this summer. He needed it with all of our activities and disrupted sleep. There were days I told him he needed to nap and he actually would. But I think rest time is about to come to an end for the most part. We of course won’t have it on school days.

I doubt I will on Saturdays for the most part. It might just be a nice Sunday activity (speaking of Sunday, last Sunday our whole family took a nap at the same time. We went camping Friday night and McKenna was accidentally woken up about 45 minutes of sleeping and she thought it was time to get up. She was up until 2 AM! Yes, I am serious. We were all tired).

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Eating is still good and uneventful. I guess I might have something interesting next time since we will have lunch at school–so maybe I will have something of interest to share 🙂


Here is a rundown of different play scenarios he has each day.


The three children play well together. They have lots of fun. I think this will be something much missed once school is in session all day.

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Independent Play

Brayden enjoys this. It is a great break in the day when you have it all day long. I am not sure if this will continue to be an every day thing when school is in. I am waiting to decide until we have been in for a couple of weeks. On the one hand, we all know how much I value it. On the other, he will only be home for about 4 hours after school before bedtime, so I don’t know if I want one of those hours to be spent away from the family. We will be playing it by ear.

He will be getting home at naptime, so it wouldn’t interfere with sibling play if he did it then. I also know that he does well with some time to himself, so after being gone all day, he might want some time alone. We will play it by ear and by the next time I write one of these, we will have a policy in place!

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We had a busy, busy summer. It was nice because we spent a lot of time together as a family. We didn’t have much time to play with friends with all of our activities. I find that when we spend a lot of time together without  influences from peers, life is much smoother. So things might get harder as we face full day school 🙁 But I think it will be good for him to practice what I have taught him. Hopefully I can be in tune with him and continue to help him grow to be a good person.


Here is our summer schedule for cooler weather–which most of our summer is “cooler” in the 80s.

7:00 Wake up. Shower/get ready 
7:30 Sibling Playtime 
8:00 Breakfast 
8:30 Music time/learning time 
9:00 Piano 
9:30 Chores 
10:00 Walk/bike ride 
10:30 Independent play 
11:30 Learning Activity 
12:00 Lunch 
12:30 Outside time 
1:30 SSR 
2:00 Rest Time 
2:30 Free Play 
4:30 Free Play or TV time 
5:30 Dinner 
6:00 Family Activities
7:30 Get Ready for Bed
8:30 Bedtime  



6.25 year old daily routine

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  1. I'll be very interested to hear about IP. I've been thinking about this in general as mine are getting older and I was wondering what happens to the routine when they become schoolage children, specifically IP. I can see pros and cons to it as you say. In a way I would think some alone time to decompress might be good but like you say you don't see them much at all during the day once they're in school!

  2. I know–it is tricky. So far, we have not done independent play on school days. We will see what the future brings. I will for sure keep you posted!

  3. Val, I just want to take the opportunity to tell you that you do an amazing job writing your blog. I have a 15 month old, but I still read entries such as this one. You sound like an encredible mom, and encourage others to be the same. So this comment isn't related to the 6.25 year olds – it's just to tell you that you are wonderful at what you do, and are a blessing to others!


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