Brayden Child Summary: 5.75 Years Old

5.5 year old life and daily schedule. Learn about this child’s daily schedule and how to handle things that come up with five year olds.

Brayden ice skating

This is a summary for Brayden from ages 5.5-5.75 years old.


Every so often, Brayden goes through this sleep battle at night. This is when he thinks he needs to get out of bed several times each night before going to sleep. We encountered that battle during January.

It was frustrating and he had no good reasons for getting out of bed. He just did–over and over. He would do it so that he was still awake around 9 PM on a school night, then be tired in the morning when it was time to get up.

We tried taking things away, and finally decided that rather than focus on negative consequences, we needed to focus on positive consequences. So, like Kaitlyn, we did a chart for staying in bed. Each morning, he put a sticker on the chart if he stayed in his bed. After five nights in a row, he could go out for ice cream.

It took him two weeks to get there, but he did it. He would have four days in a row, then get up. Since then, he has been great, but if past behavior is any indication of future behavior, I am sure we will encounter this issue again.

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He does great for rest time. Every so often, he will sleep, must 95% of the time, it is simply rest time. We do it daily with the rare exception of missing it.

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Eating is good with no new developments.


Things are going well with siblings. McKenna adores him and says his name “Baduh”–which sounds like she is saying “brother.” He is really good with her. 

I decided Brayden and Kaitlyn are twins separated by birth. They just love each other and get along so well. Yes, they have their bickering moments, but so far, the things they say when mad are only as bad as “I am going to write your name down and cross it off.”


School is going well. He is learning a lot and is a good kid. He is still doing really well academically.

School can be a great place for the child to really learn things you try to explain, especially on a social level. Brayden still thinks he knows everything, which is common for a Kindergartener and also common for an oldest child. 

One morning, I told him he was having issue with telling people they were “wrong.”

Most of the time, he thought someone was wrong because he wasn’t fully listening.

As soon as he “knew” what they were saying, he turned his listening off and started his talking (I know, most adults are that way, too 🙂 ).

I explained it to him and that people don’t like to be around people who are always telling them they are wrong.

Later that day, at school, his friend told him he wasn’t going to sit by him anymore. I am good friends with that child’s mom, and we were talking and I told her.

She is so great at teaching her kids to be nice, and later that day she had him over at our house with a picture and an apology. It was cute to see these little boys apologizing and accepting apologies–in a boy sort of way.

I suspected that Brayden had probably told his friend he was doing his math wrong. It was such perfect timing for his friend to say something like that to him if (like I suspect) Brayden was indeed telling him he was wrong.

I explained that Brayden doesn’t need to tell people they are right or wrong unless they ask if him. He has been better since that day, but I know (as an oldest child myself) this will be a challenge for him in the future. Sometimes, only our peers can put us in our place.

There is always some social lesson we are learning through school 🙂


Piano is still going really well. He is great about practicing and still loves it. He has graduated from his first level books and is now on the second level. 


We decided to do ice skating lessons this winter to both get physical exercise and to have something to look forward to about winter.

Brayden started out very nervous and used a walker the first day. The second day, he was off the walker and moving better than I can! Kids are amazing; they learn things so quickly.

By the end, he was gliding, jumping (slightly), and quite confident. 


Brayden is loving chapter books. We read quite a few Magic Treehouse books, then moved to the first book in the Chronicles of Narnia series and are currently reading book one in Harry Potter.


Here is our weekday schedule:

7:00–get up. Read scripture stories. Shower. Get ready. Eat breakfast.
9:00–at school.
12:30–eat lunch. Then play with Kaitlyn.
2:00–Rest time.
3:00–independent playtime.
4:00–Piano Practice (sometimes we do piano before independent play)
4:20ish–Kaitlyn gets up and they play until dinner.
5:30–dinner. Then family time.
8:00–in bed

A few times a week, he will play with friends in the afternoon sometime. Other things we do include learning activities, SSR, and chores. I am sure there are others.



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  1. Hi Valerie,This is a random thought from a curious Australian: I'm interested that Brayden is only at school for 3 1/2 hours in the morning. I'd always assumed that Kindergarten was all day for a child of that age. Obviously this has nothing to do with raising my own 18-month-old Australian baby, I'm just interested…

  2. Petrina,Some parts of the US have full day Kindergarten, others have half day still. I am personally a fan of half day kindergarten, so I hope it stays, but I know they are bouncing full day around in the legislature.


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