Early Morning Wakings: What to do when baby wakes early


Early Morning Wakings: What to do when baby wakes early. Reasons baby might be waking early in the morning and how to solve it and get baby sleeping through the night. 

Baby laying on white blanket

Your baby can wake early in the morning before your desired wake time for a variety of reasons. It often happens when baby is extending night sleep and making it longer between feedings in the middle of the night.

The baby who was waking at 3 AM to eat moves that feeding to 4 AM, then 5 AM, then 6 AM. These are considered night wakings. Parents are left wondering what to do when baby is waking so close to the official first feeding of the day. You can read all about that in my 5-6 AM “Night” Wakings post. 

Baby can also be waking up early in the morning because of a sleep regression, teething, or pain. Baby might be waking up because the dreamfeed needs to be dropped or because the swaddle needs to be dropped. There are a whole variety of reasons for early waking. 

Figure Out Why Baby is Waking Early 

Parents naturally want to know what to do about their little one waking early in the morning. The answer to that depends on why baby is waking early. Therefore, your first step is to figure out why baby is waking early. Once you know why, you can make a plan of action. Your solution for a baby waking early because of teething pain will be different than for a baby waking early because the dreamfeed needs to be dropped. 

Here are some common reasons for early morning wakings:

  • Baby is naturally extending time between night feedings
  • Baby naturally has an early internal clock
  • Baby is having a growth spurt
  • Baby is getting too much daytime sleep
  • Bedtime is off and needs to be adjusted
  • Baby needs to drop the dreamfeed
  • Baby needs to drop the swaddle
  • The sun is waking baby
  • Baby is too hot or cold
  • External noises are waking baby up
  • Baby is teething
  • Baby is sick
  • If baby has reflux, baby might need the med dosage adjusted
  • Baby has pooped
  • You recently changed baby’s schedule and baby didn’t need that schedule change
  • You have had disruptions to your routine that has left baby unable to sleep as well

Read: Ultimate Guide to Stopping Baby Poop at Night

Narrow it Down and Experiment

Look at the list I have for you there. Your task is to decide which of those reasons is the reason your baby is waking early. There will be some things you can scratch off the list. If you try to feed baby and baby refuses to eat, you can cross growth spurt off the list. If baby is waking with no sun up OR with blackout curtains in the room, you can cross that off. 

There will be plenty of things you can’t cross off, however. Cross off what you can and then look at the list and go with your gut. Listen to your mommy instinct and pick one thing you think it is. 

Then you experiment. You try to solve that issue and ONLY that issue. Do not try to solve even two at a time. You need to isolate variables so you can figure out what the reason for the early waking is. Think scientific method. So much of being a parent is being a scientist. 

Experiment with that one solution. I am a big advocate for taking notes as you problem solve (I have a lovely Book of Logs you can purchase if you need help tracking the right things). 

Once you have tried that solution for a few days, if you still have early morning waking, reset and try the next idea. 


Some causes for early morning waking are more likely to apply in different situations. A baby who was sleeping through the night but is now having early morning wakings is more likely to be having a growth spurt than the baby who was waking at 4 AM and is now waking at 6 AM. So as you consider which issue is your baby’s reason for early morning waking, take into account the pattern of your baby’s night sleep up to this point.

15 reasons your baby is waking up early pinnable image

How to Solve Baby Waking Too Early

Let’s look at each of these common reasons for baby waking early and discuss how to solve that issue:

Baby is naturally extending time between night feedings

Baby will not have been sleeping through the night consistently before this happening. 

This is super, super common. A baby will naturally extend time between the last feeding of the day and feedings during the night. Feedings will creep to be closer and closer to early morning hours. It is so common I have a whole post on it, so be sure to read up on 5-6 AM “Night” Wakings to know what to do.

If this is the reason your baby is waking early, take it as a great sign! Baby is getting closer to sleeping through the night. 

Know that it is very typical for a baby to sleep through the night, then wake up at 6 AM for a night or two, then sleep through again, then wake up at 5:30 AM, then sleep through the night again. If this is happening, it is normal and nothing to worry about. 

Baby naturally has an early internal clock

Baby will likely not have been sleeping through the night for a time if this is the reason for the early waking. 

The circadian rhythm determines natural sleep cycles. Different people are more early bird types while others are more night owl types. Still other people are low sleep needs and others are high sleep needs.

These things are true of babies as well. You might have a low sleep needs baby who is an early bird. Decide what is a reasonable time for an early bird to get up at your house. Keep in mind this will be the normal wake up time for most of your child’s life.

Our oldest, Brayden, has always been a low sleep needs person who wakes up early. He is almost 14 and I can count on one hand the number of times I have slept until 8 AM since his birth. I set his morning wake up time at 7 AM. He often woke earlier than that, but just happily waited in his bed until I got him at 7. 

One trick to making this work is to not feed baby until after your desired wake up time. I did not feed Brayden breakfast at 6:30 AM. I always waited until 7 AM. This helps hunger patterns be set to 7 AM. So if you have a baby who wakes crying and you can’t leave baby in the crib, still wait to feed baby until after the time you have decided is reasonable. 

You can help set internal clocks by having some time in the sun each day, especially around noon. You can also help with natural rhythms by being very aware of how bedtime impacts morning wake up time for your child. Again, take notes!

Read: Circadian Rhythm Explained and How it Impacts Sleep

Let me add, there are perks to a naturally early waker. Even though Brayden is a teenager, we have never had to drag him out of bed in the morning. He is up easily every morning and wakes naturally on his own. 

Early morning waking what to do when baby wakes too early with a picture of a baby on a white blanket

Baby is having a growth spurt

If baby is having a growth spurt and waking early in the morning, baby could have been sleeping through the night and is not anymore. Baby also can have not slept through the night yet. 

If baby is waking early from a growth spurt, you always want to feed baby. You want to feed a hungry baby. You can try to add in another feeding during the daytime to try to get baby to not need to wake in that early morning. If baby eats solids, you can try to increase the amount of solids eaten. 

A good way to test this is to feed baby and see what happens. If baby eats well and then eats well for the first feeding of the day, there is a good chance it is a growth spurt going on. If baby eats well but does not eat for the first feeding, it probably wasn’t really hunger and baby could move back that early morning feeding closer to match up with the desired first feeding of the day. 

Read more about Growth Spurts here. 

Baby is getting too much daytime sleep

Baby can have been sleeping through the night for this to be the reason for early waking. Baby also can have not slept through the night yet. 

As baby either gets older and needs less sleep in a 24 hour period or baby starts taking longer daytime naps, you might find baby is waking in the night because there is too much daytime sleep happening. 

Make sure you follow the Eat, Wake, Sleep Cycle each day. If you have a baby who has a hard time staying awake, make sure you are making an effort to add waketime to each cycle in the day. Read all about how to add waketime to your newborn’s day here.

If your baby is getting enough waketime during the day, look at nap lengths. 

If naps are too long, baby won’t need that sleep during the night. Aim for naps to be 1.5-2.5 hours long for the most part. As a nap is getting ready to be dropped, the length can lessen to 30-45 minutes long for that one nap. You might even need to shorten the first nap or another nap during the day. 

Bedtime is off and needs to be adjusted

If bedtime is too late or too early, baby will have a harder time with meeting your desired wakeup time. Do not underestimate the importance of bedtime! It is super, super important for getting good night sleep. Read more about the Importance of Bedtime here. 

Aim for betime to be about 12 hours before your desired morning wake up time. If your baby is a low sleep needs child, you might need to take that down to about 11 hours before desired morning wake up time. I have found that in most cases, the 7 PM hour (so sometime between 7-8 PM) is ideal for most babies for a bedtime. There are always outliers, but this is a good starting point.

You might need to have your little one have a later bedtime. You might need an earlier bedtime. Adjusting bedtime might help your baby sleep later in the morning. 

Baby needs to drop the dreamfeed

If baby was sleeping through the night and stops, or if night sleep gets worse, consider dropping the dreamfeed.

The dreamfeed is a great tool to get baby sleeping through your night. For some babies, the day comes that the dreamfeed starts to hurt night sleep rather than help it. One of my babies was that way. Once we dropped the dreamfeed, she went back to sleeping through the night.

There is a chance your baby needs the timing of the dreamfeed changed. Some babies are so sensitive that even just moving it five minutes later will do the trick. Keep the dreamfeed in the 10 PM hour, so between 10-11 PM for most babies. 

Read all about When to Stop the Dreamfeed here.

Baby needs to drop the swaddle

As baby gets older, the swaddle becomes annoying to a baby ready to move. If your baby is still swaddled and waking early in the morning, baby might need that swaddle dropped. 

If your baby is swaddled and breaking out of the swaddle, not being wrapped up could be the reason for the early waking also. You might need to buy a new type of swaddle blanket if baby is still in need of a swaddle and breaking out of what you have. 

Read up on Dropping the Swaddle here. 

The sun is waking baby

If baby is waking right around the same time the sun is peeking through the windows in the morning, that might be what is waking baby up. Blackout curtains can easily fix that problem. 

Read Early Morning Waking and the Sun

Baby is too hot or cold

Baby might be waking up because he is too hot or because he is too cold. In many instances, those early morning hours are the coldest in the home as heat has been turned down for the night and the house has cooled slowly. At other times, the heater might be turning and waking up baby. 

Baby might also be too hot if baby is overdressed for sleeping. Read up on how to dress baby for sleep here. 

External noises are waking baby up

As the world wakes up, noises might be waking baby up. Pay attention to what is going on when baby wakes up. Did someone’s alarm just go off? Did the neighbor just leave for work for the day? Did the shower just turn on? A sound machine can help block out noises if they are waking baby up. 

Baby is teething

Teething pain can plague baby before you see a tooth at all. Consider teething pain if baby starts waking early after having slept through the night. Look at the gums and see if there is any inflammation or if there are little white spots on the gum where a tooth would come in. 

If it is teething, some Motrin before bedtime might help out, but it will wear out during the night. 

Baby is sick

If baby was sleeping through the night and started early morning waking, consider sickness. A cold, cough, fever, ear infection, or more might be leading baby to wake up early. If this is the case, you will want to treat baby’s illness and just wait for it to pass. 

If baby has reflux, baby might need the med dosage adjusted

A note for the parents of reflux babies, as baby grows, many medications need dosage increased because it is weight based. If your baby has reflux, consider medications needing to be adjusted if baby stops sleeping through the night. 

Baby has pooped

If baby poops in her diaper, she will likely fully wake up and want the diaper changed (justifiably). 

If this is happening:

  • Change the diaper without making eye contact and put baby back in bed. You might do an abbreviated sleep routine before putting baby back in bed.
  • Consider teething. Teething can cause more frequent bowel movements. 
  • Think about solid foods. Did you add any new foods recently? Or did you switch up which foods were eaten at dinner time? There might be certain foods you just can’t give for dinner for now because they cause bowel movements too early in the morning.

You recently changed baby’s schedule and baby didn’t need that schedule change

Maybe you figured baby was ready for a four-hour schedule or that baby needed the dreamfeed dropped. If you made a schedule change and baby stopped sleeping well, go back to the way things were when baby slept well. 

It is very common to make changes at the wrong time. Even seasoned moms do it because each baby is unique. Do not stress or beat yourself up. 

You have had disruptions to your routine that has left baby unable to sleep as

Think about the last couple of days. Did you stay out late last night or the night before? Did baby miss a nap yesterday? Was the day extra exciting and stimulating? Think about baby’s last few days. Things about those days might be leading to poor sleep for baby. 


As you look through this list, decide which reason is most likely to be the reason baby is having early morning wakings and then address it. If that doesn’t work, move on to the next most likely reason. Keep this up until you get it right. Your baby can get to a later wake time. You will get there!

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12 thoughts on “Early Morning Wakings: What to do when baby wakes early”

  1. Hi!

    What should you do about the entire day that’s thrown off by the early waking? I’m starting Babywise late with an 8 month old who has never slept through the night. She’s improving since starting baby wise. But she’s still waking up anywhere between an hour to 30 minutes before her desired Waketime/first feeding. Should I just adjust her schedule based on the early waking and move her feedings, naps and bedtime up because of the early waking?

    • This is a tricky age for this question. Some babies will benefit from super consistency, meaning they eat at the same times every day and nap at the same time every day no matter what.

      Other babies can’t quite handle a longer waketime when they wake early.

      Since you are starting late, I would start with super consistency and see how she reacts after a few days. She is going to need to be very consistent to be able to get on a solid schedule.

      See this post for more: https://www.babywisemom.com/set-naps/

  2. Hey Valerie,

    I have an 11 week old son who is doing great on babywise but is consistently waking up in the 5-6 am range. He has been doing this since he started STTN at about 7 weeks. His last feed is at 10pm and our first feed is 7am. He doesn’t seem hungry, but he usually has an arm out of his swaddle . We have tried a couple different swaddles and I think hes just strong and breaks out. I can reswaddle him and rock him and he will go back to sleep for 30-60 min then I will feed him his first feed 630-7am. I have followed all your tips on the early wakings but he still is waking up early. Any ideas or advice?
    My 2.5 year old daughter was sleeping 7-7 at 10 weeks so I guess I just expect him to do the same lol.

    • If you think the swaddle is interfering, I would try dropping the swaddle or continue trying to find a blanket he can’t break out of.

      But, are you waking him after that extra 30-60 minutes or is he? If it is him, I would say there is an excellent chance he is indeed hungry and will sleep straight through to your desired wake up time once he doesn’t need that food at that time. Good luck!

  3. I have an early waker. My daughter is a little over 7 months but has been waking up since about 4 months. Here is our current schedule.

    6 dwt (nurse and solids)
    830 nap
    1030 wake (nurse and solids)
    130 nap
    330 nurse
    600 solids with family
    630 bath, nurse, bed by 7

    She sleeps in our room still in her pack and play. She is waking up at 4/5 am (generally playing) and we leave her be. Sometimes she does fall back asleep. I thought the early wake up was because she had too much daytime sleep. But even when i extended her waketime to this current schedule, nothing changed (her naps did get better). She usually naps for the full 2 hours, but sometimes it is an hour and a half.

    It may be because her bedtime is late, but I don’t get home until 5 and my husband gets home at six. I know sleep is important, but I also believe that quality parent time is important.

    It’s not light in the rook and there isn’t like a regular noise occurring (like a trash truck). I’m at a loss. Other thoughts?

    • It is quite normal to have periods of time when baby wakes around that time, plays, and then goes back to sleep. It will definitely be more noticeable for you since she is in your room with you. Are you able to move her out at all? Even into a walk in closet? She could even be waking just from hearing you or our husband stirring.

      And I totally agree about quality time with parents. That is one reason I love Babywise. You get to set your schedule how it fits best for your family.

  4. SOS! Baby is 7 months next week; have done Babywise from the beginning. For the past month she has woken between 4-6am every day. Last night, she woke about 6 times between 2-7. I feel like we have checked every possibility. She usually wakes and just plays/talks until her talking turns into crying. It does not appear to be teething/hunger/diaper/heat or cold/sun/have not changed routine and we are religious about her bed/morning wake times – I have no idea what to try anymore 🤷‍♀️. I have also tried increasing her food amount during the day. She still sometimes has a catnap; all her other naps she tends to fuss for about 10 minutes and then fall asleep. Looking for any advice!

    • What have you done to rule out hunger? Her waking that frequently would lead me to believe she is hungry, in pain, or uncomfortable in some way. OR that she can’t self-soothe. But I think she would go at least 45 minute intervals if it were just self-soothing issues. Does she use a pacifier?

  5. Help! We have a 5 week old and have been following PDF for a couple weeks now. Baby does not sleep through the night. We are still on the 9 feedings. Wake time is scheduled for 7am and sleep time is scheduled for 11pm. He is formula fed and wakes up at 2:45am for a wake time feed and then always gets up again at 4:45am and I try to hold him off until his wake time feed at 7am. I’ve tried to feed him at 4:45 too when he wakes but he never can really settle back down. I’m always getting up like every 20 minutes to give him his pacifier again so neither of us is getting any good sleep after 4am. Whether he eats or not at his 4am wake he always gets hungry early before his 7am wake time. He seems to be fussy due to tummy issues with grunting and trying to break out of the swaddle. A few times he has pooped at this time or close after. Is there anything I can do to help him and me get some sleep? Is it bad if I feed him at 4:45 and then again at the 7am wake up time? If he’s still sleeping at 7am should I wake him again? A few times we have had to feed him at 6:15 or 6:30 due to him being hungry. Do you think our schedule needs adjusting?

  6. I have a 4 1/2 month old. We started babywise at 2 weeks old and he followed the schedules to a T until he was about 3 months old. He started sleeping through the night at about 11 weeks from 9:30-5. Not sure when I started this but now this is his current schedule.
    7 nurse
    9 nap
    10 bottle breastmilk
    11:45-12 nap
    1 bottle breastmilk
    2:45-3 nap
    4 bottle breastmilk
    5:45 occasionally will catnap
    6:30 bath
    7 bottle formula and to bed
    There have been about 2 or 3 times in the past month and half where he actually went until 7 am. He will usually wake up some time around 4 talking and then it will turn into a cry so I go in his room to nurse him. He will eat good for about 10-15 minutes and then pull off and be content so I immediately lay him back in his crib. If he doesnt cry then I know he is full enough but if he cries i feed him a little more. Sometimes he will go right back to sleep and then sometimes he will talk for another 45 minutes or so before falling asleep. Other times if he wakes up around 4 he will just talk and then fall back asleep on his own, but then wake 5:30-6:30 hungry. I have tried making sure that he is eating enough during the day by switching to bottles for majority of the day and offering him as much as he will take because I thought it was just a lack of calories but that doesnt seem to have made a difference for his night time sleep. It did help with his nap troubles that he had a couple weeks ago though. I am wondering if he is just too tired to eat enough before bed because he isn’t taking his cat naps that much anymore.


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