How to Successfully Fly with a Baby

How to Successfully Fly with a Baby and tips for flying with a baby

Successfully flying with baby

A great fear of mine is the unknown. If I have something big coming up, I like to do a lot of practice and preparation. When it comes to air-travel, you can try to prepare the best you can, but there isn’t “practice” you can do ahead of time. You learn on the fly (pun intended). The only thing you can do is talk to others who have been there and do your best to implement their wisdom without having lived through it. Here are some tips for flying with a baby:

Tips For Flying with a Baby

  • Bring something to suck on for take off and landing–and preferably something that requires swallowing. If you breastfeed, you can nurse during those times or if you bottle feed, give some formula to drink during those times. You can also bring a sippy cup and request water (or bring it if they will allow). A pacifier isn’t as good as actually sucking and swallowing. If your child is older, you can have hard candy to suck on in addition to water.
  • If you nurse, I would bring something to easily cover yourself with. I would even bring a nursing pillow (Boppy) or something to rest your arm on. Our flight home was delayed and we were flying late into the night, landed at midnight. Brayden “nursed” basically the whole flight so that he would stay asleep. Remember that you want to be courteous to your fellow travelers before you worry about your schedule. We had no detrimental effects to our routine after that flight.
  • Bring toys and books to entertain her. I remember one time when I was a little girl we flew a long distance. My mom bought new toys that she pulled out strategically throughout the flight. If you can’t or don’t want to buy new toys or books, you can just set some aside for a couple of weeks so they will be more new on the flight.
  • If your child likes to watch movies, you could bring a portable DVD player or a laptop and let her watch movies the whole way (or as long as she will).
  • If you purchase a seat for your baby, bring the car seat along so she can sleep in it.
  • If you don’t purchase a seat for your baby, you can bring the car seat right up to the gate on the plane with most airlines. They will then put it somewhere on the plane and have it waiting for you as you get off. Many also will do the same with a stroller.
  • Also, if you don’t purchase a seat for your baby, most airlines will allow you to bring your car seat on the plane if they have empty seats. You just need to ask the desk if they have empty seats and they will help you figure things out.

Again, please add your thoughts if you have any good strategies for flying with baby.

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