Gymnastics Home Equipment {Friday Finds}

“I don’t need anything Mommy. I have everything I need.” That is what my six year old was telling me as I was trying to get ideas for a present for her. What’s that?!? You don’t need anything? This just goes along with McKenna’s personality of being content in life.


Despite her insistence that she needed nothing, I wanted to give her a present, of course! So I thought more about the things she really loves to do in life. One thing that came to mind was gymnastics. So I just searched “gymnastics” on Amazon. I got some great ideas! This post may contain affiliate links which won’t change your price but will share some commission.  


We got her this floor mat. It folds up so it can be stored more easily (though it isn’t small, so be sure you have the space for it before diving in). My parents got her this balance beam.


She has loved them. She loves practicing on these at home. And you better believe that right now during the Olympics, when the gymnasts are on TV, she is watching while doing her own things on her mat and beam. 


They aren’t cheap, but this is what you would pay for a few months of going to the gym once a week and playing on similar equipment for the little ones. I remember my friend’s little girl being in a beginning gymnastics class where they used this type of equipment and my friend’s husband grumbling every week about how he could make the same stuff at home and she could do it there for a lot less. Haha! Obviously for better skills, your child would at some point need a teacher and bigger equipment, but these are super fun for home use. Oh, and there are tons of mat color options out there.

I thought you all might like to have those on your radar. I am sure there are thousands of wanna-be gymnasts out there with the Olympics going on. These are fun ideas for upcoming birthdays or Christmas.



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