His Smile Is My Best Reward

This is my success story. You may ask, are you sure? My baby is not even 4 months old, he still has never slept through the night. But for me it sure is a success.

His Smile Is My Best Reward Babywise Success


The main thing Babywise has given me is more predictability and certainty. Now I feel what I do meters. Going from one kid to two was easy for me. Now I feel much better, happier, less tired than first time round, when I felt useless and powerless.

My first born is 4 years old and was fed on demand and we co-slept. I knew nothing about eat-activity-sleep cycle which makes all the difference! Basically if I am totally honest he never woke up happy! I nursed him to sleep and than he’d woke up at random time, three hours or 30 minutes later, screaming and I would rush to pic him up. If it wasn’t a nap in my lap. I was sad, angry and defeated. It lasted like this for the whole year I nursed.

I live in Ukraine, the book On Becoming Babywise is the only one you can get here translated into Russian (none in Ukrainian at all), other books in original are hard to get, if possible. The title it’s published under is Teach your baby to sleep all night which really does no favor is very limited.

Luckily, I’ve found your blog! My second son was born, I felt unsatisfied with the way I parented my firstborn so I was desperate to find other way! Nobody talks about Babywise where I live. The thought of schedule repels mothers reminding us of Soviet era, cause rigid schedule was forced on moms back then with all the other intervention of government into private life. So now we are almost exclusively on the wave of attachment parenting. It’s common knowledge no breastfed baby STTNs. Nobody even tries.

So. To my success finally. My baby-boy is happy, he’s content, he wakes up from his long, predictable nap not crying, but with a smile on his face! He is happy to see me and hear my voice, not just demanding me to pick him up right away and give him all the attention forever. He doesn’t need to be constantly held to stay calm, he’s curious staring around the room, following me around with his eyes from the playmat, responding to my silly talk to him. I see he is just more happy to be in this world with us, his family. His smile is my best reward.

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