Babywise Enables Me to Stay Home

I have been an avid reader of Chronicles of a Babywise Mom for about 10 months now. I read Babywise when I was pregnant with my beautiful baby girl, Eliana, and it made a lot of sense to me and seemed to fit with my already-scheduled personality. I decided to follow it. However, I ended up having quite a few difficulties implementing it, until I searched online and found Valerie’s incredibly helpful website. Here I found so many more specifics that helped me whenever I ran into a problem.

Babywise Enables Me to Stay Home


My now-14-month-old is now a great sleeper who sleeps 12 hours a night and takes two long naps at the same time each day. This actually enables me to work from home as a tutor, which in turn enables me to continue to be a stay-at-home mom. I believe that if it weren’t for Babywise, I would not be able to work from home at all.


During the morning, Eliana does independent playtime in her room. She has a big mirror on the wall which I believe helps her feel she has a “friend” there with her. I also play music for her during that time. She is very happy in there for 45 minutes a day. Meanwhile, I clean up the house for the students who are coming over.


Then Eliana and I have time for more playtime together, reading stories, and bath time. When she goes down for her naps, students come to our home for English or Spanish help. They can be here at a regular time because I know when she will be sleeping.


During her awake times, we go shopping or to friends’ houses or to the kids’ play area at the mall – something that will be fun for her to do.


In the evening, she has just a bit of time to play with Daddy, and then she goes to sleep by 7 p.m. after which I have time for my husband or time to prepare lessons for the next day.


I am so thankful that I can count on her schedule. People are always commenting to me how happy and well-behaved my baby is. Others love babysitting her, too, as they can put her to sleep easily and she falls asleep on her own.


I pass on information about Babywise whenever I can because I believe it can really help others.


Thank you for letting me share and I hope others will also consider trying it out, even if you don’t naturally consider yourself a scheduled person – it is so nice to be able to count on what your baby is going to do next!


by Mary B.


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