How to Easily Track Your Child’s Temperature When Your Child Has a Fever


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Every time I set foot in the doctor’s office, I immediately forget every symptom the child has had. Just like my child suddenly is fine and no longer acts or looks sick as soon as we arrive at the doctor, I can’t remember a thing about what was ever wrong in the first place. Ugh! I tell myself I will not forget–I will remember each detail and pass the information on! But real life interferes and my brain just can’t track it all, care for the sick child, and still be a mother to the other children in the home. I need help remembering the information to pass on to the doctor.

How to Track Your Child's Temperature When Your Child Has a Fever. Journal the information easily on your smartphone.



I love the FeverSense product for that very reason. FeverSense is a wearable thermometer that monitors the temperature of your child continuously. You put the thermometer in your child’s armpit. It then sends updates to your smartphone. It is all wireless and you can see the temperature on your phone! All you do is download the free app so you can see the information.

The thermometer is soft and charges on the base it comes with. The charge can last for 7 straight days of monitoring! That is long enough to get you through the sickness.

How to Track Your Child's Temperature When Your Child Has a Fever. Journal the information easily on your smartphone.The app will tell you the temperature at any time. It will warn you if the temperature gets too high. It also enables you to take notes, including tracking when medication was given. You can even set a reminder so you don’t have to try to remember to give it when it is due! The data of your child’s fever can be viewed in the app, so when you are at the doctor’s office talking to the doctor, you can share what the fever pattern has been. You can look and see when the last time you gave medication was.

This is an amazing feature because you are then able to give the doctor the exact information needed to help diagnose your child. The journaling feature can really give you peace of mind. You know exactly what happened when. Your doctor can then know exactly what happened when. That gives you both the knowledge you need to best help your child.

I talked a couple of months ago about how helpful this tool is to be able to monitor your child without waking him or her up. I shared my reasons for loving it in that aspect. The journaling aspect is just another benefit of the FeverSense wearable thermometer. I love that I can have all of that data for the doctor without having to add it to my plate of concerns when I have a sick child. When my child is sick enough to need to take to the doctor, my brain is full of so many concerns that it is nice to have this worry and concern lifted from my mind.

I am so happy to have this new product is out there. I feel peace of mind knowing the next time my child has a fever, I will be able to easily track all of the information about the fever and give that to my child’s doctor. The continuous monitor will be a great tool for helping the doctor have the information needed while relieving my brain from having to track so much.

FeverSense Monitor


How to Track Your Child's Temperature When Your Child Has a Fever. Journal the information easily on your smartphone.

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