How To Have Peace of Mind When Your Child Has a Fever

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When your child has a fever, your worry and stress as a parent can spike rather rapidly. The higher the fever, the higher the worry. While you know, as Daniel Tiger knows, when you’re sick, rest is best, sending your child off to sleep in his or her room can be a scary prospect because then you can’t closely monitor your child and the fever. Having to wake your child frequently to check the fever is important so you can monitor the situation, but it isn’t helpful to the goal of rest.

Feversense Continuous Monitoring Thermometer


Fortunately, we live in a world of innovation and problem solvers, and someone has stepped up and solved this problem. The Enfasmart FeverSense Thermometer is a continuous monitor. You place the wireless monitor in your child’s armpit, download the free app that goes with the thermometer, and you monitor the temps from your phone! You can easily check the app to see what your child’s temperature is at any time.

This is life changing. No more waking up your child to check the temperature. No more keeping the child in the traffic of the house so you can quickly check the temperature. No more sleeping in your child’s room when she is sick or having her sleep in your room so you can easily monitor temperature. You don’t even need to slip into your child’s room to check the temperature through the night. All you have to do is check the app.

You all know I am a big proponent of sleep. I know all of you know and understand how important sleep is. When your child is sick, sleep is that much more important and powerful. When your child is sick and can rest without being interrupted, the body is able to really get that rest needed to fight off the sickness.

“One of the things that happens when we sleep is that we can get a better fever response,” Balachandran says. “This is why fevers tend to rise at night. But if we are not sleeping, our fever reaction is not primed, so we may not be waging war on infection as best we can.” source

Feversense Continuous Monitoring Thermometer

The body and immune system need sleep when fighting an illness. The more we sleep, the better our bodies can fight the illness. This monitor allows us as parents to feel comfortable letting our children rest. We don’t need to disturb them to take a temperature because we can easily check our phones to see the temperature.


Another benefit I can think of is that I don’t have to be touching the sick child as often. I don’t mind touching my sick kids at all. I am ready and willing to get sick in the process of helping my sick child. However, as a mother of multiple children, every time I touch the sick child, I am worried about spreading that sickness to the other children.


Not needing to check temperature as often will really help with me being more careful about not spreading the sickness to the other children. Small little things like this make mom life that much easier.

This will also bring so much peace of mind to me as a mother when I have a sick child. It can be hard to sleep myself at night when I have a child with a fever in my home. I have one child, Kaitlyn, who really tends to get high fevers. It is not uncommon for her to hover around 104 degrees Fahrenheit when she is sick. This is quite high and something I watch closely. With this new thermometer, I will be able to let her sleep and still closely watch that temperature. I will also be able to stay more rested because I can check her temperature from my bed rather than having to get up and go into her room. That means I get more of the sleep I need to fight off the sickness myself.


I am so
thrilled this product is out there now and really look forward to having this
tool for myself the next time I have a child with a fever. The continuous monitor will be a great
tool for helping my child get the rest he or she needs while I can track their
temperature throughout the day and night and use the journaling feature to
share with the doctor.

Feversense Continuous Monitoring Thermometer

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