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  1. Hi! I've been enjoying your blog for some time now. I live in Sweden, but through some friends got a hold of the Babywise book. I've got a four months old daughter who has been sttn since 10 weeks old. In the beginning of last week she started waking during the night. At first my husband and I couldn't understand why, but as it turned out she had a cold coming on. She got really sick and had a fever Wednesday last week. Because she had trouble breathing through her nose she woke a lot during the night. The only thing that could help her go back to sleep was me nursing her. However, she has continued to wake up two times each night (around midnight-1 am and 4-5) am). I realize that not much time has passed yet, but I worry that the night feedings will turn into a bad habit. She seems really hungry at night. This is pretty weired because I started to feed her solids and even to add some extra formula the last to feedings (4.30 and 7 pm)starting Friday last week. I had been to my pediatrician and it turns out she isn't gaining weight as much as she used to. She's okay, but I was recommended to start with some cereals and formula in the evening to see if she was hungry. She was hungry! I'm thinking it might be a growth spurt combined with sickness. Today she doesn't seem as hungry though. I'm all confused – she wakes even though I feed her more food and seems just as hungry at night anyway… She won't accept just one side at night – she cryes till I give her a feeding from each side. Do you have any comments that could help? Maybe she will get back to sttn in a few days. I'm just worrying too much I guess. 🙂 Thanks!

  2. Hey! I am a quarter Swedish. My great grandparents came to America from Sweden. If she is still doing it, try adding a feeding to the day time. That would mean nursing her more often in the day.Feeding her at night might start a bad habit, but it is something you can work through. I think it is best to comfort baby when sick, even if it creates a bad habit. I also think it is wise to feed baby to see if baby is hungry. Since she is, just keep feeding her 🙂 Also, four months is just a touchy time for all babies, not just BW babies. Hang in there!

  3. Hi there!! Thank you so much for taking your time sooo many moms!! i have a 9 wk old who takes bottle at 9p and dreamfeed at 1030p. She is consistently waking up at 4a, eating, and going back.down until i wake her at 7a BUT she will not eat at 7. i think when she breaks her arms out of her swaddle that it is waking her up!! one week ago she slept the entire nite so i know she has shown the ability. what do! should i let her cry it out at 4a when she breaks out? please help. : (


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