Kailtyn Preteen Summary: 9.25 Years Old

This is a summary for Kaitlyn from 9-9.25 years old. 


Eating is good! 


Sleeping is very good. Kaitlyn is just a great sleeper. An interesting thing to note is that Kaitlyn had reflux as a baby and still likes to sleep propped up. The positions she likes to sleep in do not look comfortable to me at all, but it is how she likes to sleep. 


During this period, the big event was soccer. Kaitlyn plays on a competetive team. Her team was moved up an age bracket, which took them from beating every team but one to only beating one team. They were playing girls older than them and much bigger than them. It was a challenge for them. Some parents were very frustrated over the situation and some thought it was good for the girls.

I think these things are always easier to really analyze in hindsight, but as of right now, I think it was good for the girls. They were easily beating every team but one before the switch. Because of that, they weren’t having to push themselves at all. Everyone was very comfortable. They responded well to the challenge of playing older teams and played harder. They tried harder. That trying was met with loss after loss, but they worked harder than ever. When they finally got that win at the end of the season, they were more excited for it than all of the wins combined the season before. 

Kaitlyn also did dance class during this time. She enjoyed dance class a lot, but at the end of it, she asked if she could stop dance. I figure she is old enough to know if she wants to do it long-term or not. The only hang-up is she loves theater, and if she wants to pursue that, then she will want to stay up on her dancing skills. We found a solution, though. There is a local theater company that offers theater dance classes by semester, so she could take one each fall when her time is less stretched and then take the late winter/early spring off. 

Kaitlyn also continued with piano and swimming. We keep her taking lessons when we are doing them since we have a private teacher. She continues to sharpen her swim skills. I am not convinced she will never want to pursue swimming, and even if not, it helps her be a stronger and better swimmer. It doesn’t cost us any more money and she would be there anyway since we are all there together. I can’t swim, and doing a lot of water things just makes me nervous, so it is important to me that my children are all comfortable in the water. 

Kaitlyn did a golf camp this summer for her first time. 


School ended really well. Kaitlyn’s teacher does prizes at the end of the year for who has the top grade in each subject. Kaitlyn was awarded every prize except one. That was spelling. That surprised me because she missed only one spelling word all year. The girl who won didn’t miss any words. 


Kaitlyn is a big animal lover. She went shopping with my mom one day and called me from the pet store asking if she could get a guinea pig. I figured she was old enough this was inevitable, and my mom offered to buy everything (in an effort to convince me to say yes), so it seemed like as a good of a time as any. I actually think it is great for children to care for animals and I loved having pets as a child. I just want my kids to be old enough to take care of the pet independently, because I don’t need another thing to worry about right now!

She has done very well in caring for them. Not perfect. I do have to remind her at times. But overall, I have been impressed with her. 


Kaitlyn has been deep into Babysitter’s Club books this summer. She has also enjoyed Animal Ark books. We have been reading Tom Sawyer together, and she really enjoys that. She really has eclectic tastes in books. Kaitlyn really loves to read. One of the first days of summer, I took the kids to the library. As I tucked her into bed that night, Kaitlyn sighed contentedly and said, “Mama, thank you for taking us to the library!”


Summer schedule. This has been our most relaxed summer ever:

8:30 AM–Wake up. Eat breakfast and get ready. Practice piano. Do morning chores. Read scriptures. 

12 Noon–Lunch

SSR and Free play

5:30 PM–Dinner. Then family time.

7:30 PM–Start getting ready for bed.

9:00 PM–Bedtime.

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  1. too funny, we're considering a guinea pig over here too! Seems like a great pet for them to take care of independently (well maybe they need nails trimmed or something so DH will have to do that,lol….of course actually he is "anti-rodent" as he says so he's not too keen on the idea…..I am mulling hamsters, guinea pigs, or rabbits….he probably only wants the rabbits but i had rabbits before as a child and they can be hard to handle, they kick,etc. That's why I'm thinking something else). Is that pen outside just for temporary play? It looks very nice! We have to figure out where to put them, as we have cold winters and predators outside. So we'll see:)


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