If Baby Doesn’t Like a Toy, Change the Location!

If your baby does not like a toy, it does not mean it is a bust. Try changing where baby plays with the toy and see if baby likes it.

If your baby does not like a toy, it does not mean it is a bust. Try changing where baby plays with the toy and see if baby likes it.

Location is an important consideration for many things, and toys are one of those things. The experience of my four children in our Jumperoo sparked my thinking about this.

Brayden LOVED the Jumperoo. We knew he would–he jumped in our laps as we held him seriously from the time he was a month old. He loved jumping.

When he was a baby, we lived in basically a studio apartment situation. We were renting a house and the house was one finished level and open concept–there was no bedroom. His Jumperoo was in the family room. He could see us while he was playing in it basically at all times.

Kaitlyn did not so much love the Jumperoo. Maybe nothing could have changed her mind, but I do wonder if the location could have been better. We lived in a different house. The Jumperoo went in the hall upstairs. There wasn’t any action going on other than her jumping. 

McKenna also did not love the Jumperoo, which remains a mystery to me to this day (when Brinley jumps in it, McKenna stands in front of her and jumps up and down the entire time; she is a mover and loves to jump). We once again were in a new house when she was a baby. This time, the Jumperoo went in an obscure location where really no one was hanging around or doing anything of interest.

Now we have Brinley. Brinley is also a mover. I figured she was set to like the Jumperoo, but got thinking about it and decided the location of it likely impacted whether the baby liked it or not. Because of this, I put it in the office. There is a lot of action going on around the office. Brinley loves it!

Moral of my story?

As you get things for your baby to play with, consider carefully the location of them. This can greatly impact whether the item was a wise purchase or a waste of money.

In picking the location, consider the activity level of the area, comfort of baby in the spot (like, Brinley doesn’t love playing on the hard wood floors–she is okay to just be there, but she doesn’t roll around a lot, whereas on carpet, she will), and climate comfort of the spot. 

Location does matter. If your baby is not enjoying a toy, try changing the location of it.

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4 thoughts on “If Baby Doesn’t Like a Toy, Change the Location!”

  1. Unknown I haven't ever tried the Johnny Jump up, so I don't know. When we bought our jumperoo, the house we were in at the time didn't have any doors we could put it at because it was 100% open concept. So we had to go with the Jumperoo.

  2. Erin I don't know if that is still sold–that is the one we bought for Brayden about 8 years ago. It is a Fisher Price deluxe jumperoo.


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