My Babywise Story

Here is another story from a mom who started without Babywise and then turned to Babywise.

When my daughter was born almost two years ago, I thought I had enough experience around other babies and children to know how to handle things. Within a few days of bringing her home, I felt kind of lost but fumbled along the best I could. I was always feeding her as soon as she cried, which seemed to be every hour; I tried rocking her to sleep only to have her wake after a few minutes of being put down – I was completely exhausted.

A friend suggested I read Baby Wise and I was so grateful. It just made perfect sense to my husband and I – it gave us a ‘game plan’ we could work with. I started listening to her cries to figure out what she needed instead of just giving her a bottle; I spaced out her feedings to 2 ½-3 hours apart and she had less gas, was less cranky and slept better without me needing to rock her or get her to sleep. Within a few weeks, she was sleeping through the night 7 hours at a time. She has become a terrific sleeper and is such a happy little kid as a result.

Over the last two years, we’ve used a number of other Baby Wise principals at home – independent play, discipline, sign language, high chair manners to name a few. Our family and friends comment all the time on what how good our daughter is – she listens to us, she eats well, she is polite (can sign please, thank you, more, etc.), she plays well on her own and doesn’t interrupt conversations.

While some of that is her temperament, I do believe using the baby wise principals played a large role – having a game plan also made me a more confident mom!

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