McKenna Newborn Summary: Week Four

Babywise 4 week old schedule. Babywise one moth schedule for the one month old newborn baby. Babywise tips for newborns from a Babywise mom of 4. 

4 week old Babywise Baby McKenna

This summary is for McKenna ages from 3-4 weeks old (the fourth week). This week was once again smooth and uneventful. Here are a few highlights (highlights of uneventful? You must be sitting on the edge of your seat!).

GAS in a Newborn

More of the same. She still has gas; I still give gas drops. I have been looking into gripe water and have found it is hard to find in stores around here. I appreciate all of the suggestions of good gripe water brands and the tricks you have for them. If you have more, keep them coming!

NURSING a Newborn

During this week, she started staying awake even more for nursings. I am able to read more during the nursing sessions. I love to read while I nurse. During this week, I no longer needed to change her diaper between sides for most feedings; she would stay awake without it. She did still have sessions where she only ate on one side, but I knew I had done my best to get a full feeding from her.

4 week old schedule and routine text with a picture of baby McKenna at one month old

WAKETIME for Newborn

During this week, she had very few intervals with no playtime. In other words, she played after almost every feeding. I keep waketime to 40-45 minutes (including feeding). Some waketimes are a little longer, especially the ones that include a bath.

During this week, I started to back off of the 4 S’s routine. I still have my nap routine, but I cut down on the holding before the nap. I think I know her well enough that I don’t need to hold her before the nap to time it just right. Every so often, I can tell she needs to be held before the nap.

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NAPS for Newborn

Along those lines, she continued to sleep well for every nap and go to sleep without crying. I still had to wake her for 6 of the 8 feedings a day, with a few days waking her for only 5.


We continued on with me waking her in the night to eat so she had two feedings in the night.


This week we had our first walk and first trip to the park. I put her in my Graco stroller that lays down all the way (Quattro Graco Stroller), swaddled her up, and we set off. She went to sleep just as she would in her crib. It was a nice outing for us.

This week I introduced McKenna to her Kiddopotomus Swaddleme (see Kiddopotomus Swaddleme). She slept just as well with it as she does her flannel blanket with me swaddling her. I wanted to have her accustomed to a swaddle blanket in order to avoid her being dependent on me to swaddle her. Kaitlyn was very picky about how she was swaddled, and only I could do it right. This meant I had to be home for every nap/bed. Since I work with the youth of my church, I have one night a week that I need to leave before McKenna would be in bed. This way, I can feed her and then leave while she has some waketime and someone else can swaddle her and put her to bed.

I have to also say that I love this swaddle blanket because it can go in the carseat. Newborns startle so easily that this is a wonderful thing to have in the carseat. It keeps her a lot more calm.

At the end of this week, I introduced her to her gym. She didn’t seem to react to it in any way.

Babywise Schedule week 4 with a picture of McKenna in her crib all swaddled

Postpartum EMOTIONS

The week started out rough for my emotions but then ended well. I felt like my normal self 🙂 I do still plan on doing a post on emotions.

Okay, so this week was not that interesting. But since I am about halfway through the next week, I can promise you it gets better.

HELPFUL BOOKS for Newborns

They are the same, but still helpful:


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