Brinley Summary: Week 14 {3 Months Old}

3 month old photo taken by me Oh my goodness! I know I am biased, but isn’t she just seriously adorable? She is seriously sweet. This is a summary for… View Post

Brinley Summary: Week 13

  Any Harry Potter fans out there? Brinley was Dobby the house elf for Halloween. My husband was Hagrid, I was Professor McGonagall, Brayden was Harry Potter, Kaitlyn was Hermione,… View Post

Brinley Summary: Week 12

It is so bright outside! This is a summary for Brinley’s 12th week–she was 11 weeks old. This was really a perfect week. In my experience, I knew this was… View Post

Brinley Summary: Week 11

Isn’t she sweet? This is her, giving me big smiles, at my cousin’s wedding reception. She was  so tired and still happy as can be.   This is a summary… View Post

Brinley Newborn Summary: Week 9

love those smiles!   This summary is for Brinley’s 9th week–she was 8 weeks old.   NURSING Nursing went well this week except for one day–a wonder week 8 thing… View Post

Brinley Newborn Summary: Week 8

This summary is for Brinley in her 8th week–while she was 7 weeks old.   NURSING Brinley started to be more awake for her feedings this week, keeping her eyes… View Post

Newborn Summary: Week 7

isn’t this funny! I took this of her this week This is for the week Brinley was 6 weeks old–so her 7th week but while she is 6 weeks old.… View Post