Poll Results: Nursing Strikes


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If you breastfed, did baby ever have a nursing strike? (a time when baby refuses to eat?)

Yes: 6

No: 1

Did the strike mean no eating at all, or just less eating?

No Eating: 4

Less Eating: 4

Fighting Eating: 1

How long did the strike last?

2-5 days: 2

1 week: 3

2 weeks: 1

1 month: 1

Did anything help baby to eat better?

Removing Distractions/Quiet Room: 2

Walking While Nursing: 2

Tylenol: 1

Nursing While Baby Sleeps: 1

Cut Night Feedings: 1

Nothing: 2


Any advice for moms facing a nursing strike?


Christi said: Just stick with it, and pump to keep your supply up while baby is refusing.


Amanda said: Try to stay calm; anxiety makes it worse. You can’t force a baby to eat. Pump when they don’t eat well to maintain your supply. Try to avoid bottles so baby will be hungry enough to nurse. Maybe back off on solids too.


Nikki said: Keep trying and don’t given up on nursing!


toomuchinfo said: Lots of patience, it will pass. And observe the baby to learn what is really bothering him/her.


the mother ship said: Don’t panic. Nursing strikes happen but they do pass. Pump if you’re worried about your supply. Try feeding baby when he/she is asleep.


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