Posts to help you through your breastfeeding journey.

Reasons for Feeding Baby Sooner than 2.5 Hours

When following a baby feeding schedule, you will have a goal to feed baby at least every 2.5 hours. But what do you do when baby needs to eat sooner?… View Post

Hunger Cues: How To Know if Baby Is Hungry

Discover what baby hunger cues are and learn how to decipher if your baby is actually hungry or not. Learn when to feed baby, baby is tired, or more. Babies… View Post

How to Be Successful at Breastfeeding

How to Be Successful at Breastfeeding   If you start breastfeeding, you probably want to succeed at it. Despite that initial plan and desire, you may run into difficulties and… View Post

Exploring Your Prejudices About Breastfeeding

Exploring Your Prejudices About Breastfeeding. Is fed best? Breast is best? What is true? Have you ever stepped back and honestly evaluated how you feel about feeding babies? Do you… View Post

I Breastfed For 12 Months Even When Everything Went Wrong

How to breastfeed through obstacles and difficulties. You can breastfeed even when it is hard. Encouragement to push through and how to make it work. Breastfeeding didn’t start out anything… View Post

Why Breastfed Babies are at a Higher Risk for Iron Deficiency, & What to do About it

When it comes to feeding your baby solid foods, there is one very important mineral to keep in mind- iron. Babies are actually born with a backup of iron stores.… View Post

Poll Results: Weaning from Breast

  Our latest poll discusses weaning from breast. You can find original answers here–some were also answered on Facebook.   1. What age did your baby wean from the breast?… View Post