McKenna Pre-Toddler Summary: 18 Months Old

A full summary of life for this 18 month old. Find out what daily life was like and find a 18 month old sample schedule to follow.

18 month old McKenna with her sister and mom

This is a summary for the time period of 17.5-18 months old. This is it. The last of the pre-toddler summaries. The end. She is now a toddler.

Life was NOT calm these two weeks. Not at all. She was moody. She was mischievous. She was testing all sorts of boundaries. She was clingy. I attributed this to teeth coming in.


Even with all of the turmoil, McKenna continued to eat like a champ. She is fully independent when eating and doesn’t seek help with it anymore. She still eats a whole lot of food and a wide variety.


Nothing huge here. I was thinking that I should start prepping her room to move to roomtime instead of time in the playpen, so watch for that to happen within the next month or two. She played well, though sometimes was clingy to me.

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Night sleep was good, but naps started to be hit and miss.

I wasn’t sure if it was the teeth I suspected to be causing problems or if it was a need to go to one nap–or possibly both. We did stick with two naps during this two week period.


This is technically on the first day of her Toddler time, but is completely relevant to her behavior.

We went to her 18 month well-check appointment and her doctor discovered an ear infection in one ear. Aha! So that is why she was clingy and not sleeping well.

A bit of antibiotics and she was sleeping like her old self the next day. I thought it was teeth or even just an 18 month old thing, but it wasn’t.


9:00–bath/get ready
9:30–go for a walk
10:00–learning time
10:30–sibling playtime
1:00–blanket time
1:30–independent play
2:30–“help” me with chores
5:00–wake. Dinner. Free play and family time
8:00–in bed by this time. Sometimes sooner.



18 month old daily schedule pinnable image

4 thoughts on “McKenna Pre-Toddler Summary: 18 Months Old”

  1. My DS finally dropped his morning nap. It was almost overnight, and cold turkey, directed solely by him, which was nice since the transition was really smooth. We do IP in his room and he does OK as long as he has his paci. Still working on that one 🙂

  2. So my daughter is just only a month older than McKenna. I was wondering what kind of activities you do during learning time. We have some reading, but I'd really like to do more actual "learning" that's age appropriate. I'd appreciate some suggestions!Thanks!!!

  3. Linds,McKenna is now at one nap…roomtime is a different story. She DOES NOT like that. She wants it in her playpen. Weird, right?


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