McKenna Pre-Toddler Summary: 14.5 Months Old

A full summary of life for this 14.5 month old. Find out what daily life was like and find a 14.5 month old sample schedule to follow.

Things are going well overall and progressing as they should.


The girl can eat. I mean, she eats a whole lot of food. She still has not dramatically decreased her food intake. She can eat with the best of them. In fact, she usually eats more than I do for a meal, and I am no small portion gal. I have a friend who is a mother of five, and she says her youngest (now three) never did significantly decrease his food intake. Perhaps McKenna will be the same way?

It doesn’ concern me at all. It confuses me, but doesn’t concern me. I prefer it to worrying when your child takes one bite of food for a meal and says she is done.


McKenna is eating all orange veggies in soft chunks now rather than purees. For her carrots, I just toss them in a slowcooker along with some water and cook it on low for several hours. Last time, I forgot about it until I woke up at midnight and realized it was still cooking. So it went for five hours and the carrots were still good. That is why the slowcooker is your friend. Then I freeze them. I then pull them out when it is carrot day and let them defrost in the refrigerator all day, warm them a bit in the microwave, and she is happy as can be.

Green veggies are currently still pureed. She doesn’t seem to like green veggies very much in their natural state. I am hoping that when we start pulling them out of our garden at the end of this month that she will like them (the will taste a whole lot better). We shall see. For now, since she will eat purees still and doesn’t eat greens well in whole form, I am still feeding her purees in green veggies.


So remember last time when I said blanket time was not going well? That day, when we did blanket time she was perfect, and she has been perfect since. We haven’t been able to be any more consistent, but it is like something finally clicked and she has been great when we do it.

Independent play is going well. She is still enjoying playing with her siblings. She likes to chase after them and wrestle with them. She wants to be in the middle of whatever they are doing. Brayden and Kaitlyn fully admire and adore her, so she is in a sweet spot in the family 🙂


McKenna had a fever for a little less than 24 hours last week. She slept fine that night from 8-2:30 AM, but at 2:30 AM she woke up crying. I stumbled to her room and rocked her for about 20 minutes (as I fell asleep), then put her back in bed awake but happy. I also gave her some Tylenol because she was very hot. I also gave her a sippy of water to keep in her bed.

Two hours later, she woke crying again. This time, my husband went to her and rocked her. She then slept fine until her normal wake up time when we woke her up. She was fine for the rest of the day and had no issues after that.


Other than that night of sickness, sleeping is going on as usual.

I am planning on making a spreadsheet for tracking naps for this age group. When it is done, I will post it in the Chronicles Yahoo! Group. It should be there by the time this post publishes. I want to track McKenna’s sleep patterns so I will know when she is ready to drop the morning nap.

Since she has always been such a big sleeper, my hunch is that she will take two naps until at least 18 months old. Kaitlyn was also a big sleeper and took two naps until 20 months old when I finally decided it was time for one nap. But if McKenna wanted to go to one right now, I would be thrilled. One nap for summer time sounds very nice. I am not holding my breath, though 🙂


I don’t think she started saying new words in the last two weeks (I could be wrong). I did start working with her on pointing to body parts, which she is picking up on super fast. She also has gotten much better at signing. She understands and comprehends what I am saying more and more each day. She will even shake her head yes and no to answer me.


McKenna had her first official mini-fit at church last Sunday. She is definitely getting older.

Read More about The Mini-Fit here.


Kind of a contradiction, but even though she had her first mini-fit, she has gotten to be super, super obedient the last two weeks. She will go to something she isn’t supposed to touch and shake her head no and not touch it. She is listening really well. She isn’t perfect; she has her moments of disobedience for sure, but I am very happy with her obedience progress the last couple of weeks. In fact, I am quite impressed.

14.5 month old daily routine pinnable image


8:30 AM–wake, eat (fruit mixed with yogurt, oatmeal, milk). This is when we do a bath (four days a week) and independent playtime.
10:30 AM–nap.
12:30 PM–wake, lunch, sibling playtime. She then “helps” me put Brayden in rest time (which just means telling him to go) and Kaitlyn down for her nap. We then do blanket time followed by free play with me in the same room and/or outside play.
2:30 PM–nap
4:30-5:00 PM–wake, play until dinner time.
5:30ish PM–dinner with family. Finger foods and what we are having. She also has milk. Then time with family.
7:30 PM–PJs, story, prayers, bed.