Brayden Child Summary: 5 Years Old

5 year old life and daily schedule. Learn about this child’s daily schedule and how to handle things that come up with four year olds.

5 year old boy

Wow. There is something about the number “five” that makes it sound old. And makes me feel old. I have a five year old? I mean, another five years and he will be 10.


Sleeping is still good. He is sleeping about 11.5, sometimes 12, hours at night.

His rest time is now 30 minutes. Rest time is still really good for him to just relax for a bit and unwind.

I am also looking ahead and thinking it will be good for him to have rest time in the summer because it will be right in the heat of the day.

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He is continuing to become more and more adventurous in his eating. He will try anything and eats a nice variety and eats a good balance in his meals.


Brayden is still quite good. One challenge that seemed to come on around the age of five is the idea in his head that he is very wise and in charge.

He has started to sometimes argue with me when I tell him to do something. It isn’t in a whining, fighting argue manner. It is in more of a manner you might expect to see from two adults when one tells the other to do something. This, of course, isn’t okay with me and we are working on it.


Brayden and Kaitlyn are still best friends. They get along very well and love playing with each other.

Brayden is extending his vision of himself to include being in charge of McKenna. He is suddenly starting to try to pick her up (something he has never had interest in up to now) and he tries to boss her around sometimes.

Despite that, she and he have a great relationship. They play and McKenna loves to wrestle him. He is gentle and sweet with her.


Brayden played his first organized sport this last spring. He played soccer. Soccer is a big deal in my town; it isn’t a bunch of kids watching the grass grow. They play hard.

We are new at this all, and my husband coached, so we weren’t as intense as some (or, rather, not intense at all). But we had fun and so did the kids. It was amazing to see how much the little kids progressed over the season.


So  far as bossing other people around goes, he is doing better. But he still thinks he is in charge of people he is not in charge of. Again, this is likely an oldest thing I will never be able to really get him to stop believing. I still believe I am in charge of my little sister. But I don’t boss her around anymore 🙂


Brayden is a very hard worker, and he is the type to finish a job 100% before he stops. I am so impressed by his work ethic.

My parents have a couple of horses and over 40 miniature horses, which means they have a barn. The other day, Brayden was visiting my parents and went out to work in the barn with my dad. My dad put him in charge of cleaning the aisle while he cleaned stalls. Brayden cleaned that aisle spotless–even after my dad suggested they be done.

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Brayden is quite independent now. He could survive if I was out of commission. He could get his breakfast ready and get ahold of bread and peanut butter for lunch. He dresses himself and gets himself all the way ready. He now sets the table before meals. He works hard at home, too.

Schedule and routine for 5 year old


All in all, Brayden is growing up. He is getting more and more mature and able to understand things so much more.

It baffles me to think of him now compared to him last September when preschool started. He was the youngest in his class, though it wasn’t really obvious that he was. There were, however, kids with September and October birthdays that I am sure were obviously older.

Friends with older boys assure me that the glaring age difference disappears around first or second grade. We shall see 🙂 He doesn’t suffer from it at all; he does just fine, but he has certainly come a long way. I feel like there is such a difference between a four year old and a five year old.


It is summer, so no more school days. Our schedule right now is a work in progress as I figure out what would be best for summertime, but here it is right now:

7:30–wake up. Play until breakfast. Sometimes he sleeps until 8 or 8:30 (wonder of wonder!)
8:15–set table for breakfast
9:00–Clean up breakfast. Sibling play until I am done cleaning up the kitchen and we go to bath.
10:00ish–independent playtime
11:00ish–sibling playtime
11:30–learning time
12:00-12:30–lunch starts (depending on learning activity of the day)
1:00–outside play
2:00–rest time
2:30–rest time over. What he does next varies. Some days he plays some video games for a bit. Some days he plays with friends. He will also play with his toys. He also helps me do work in the yard. Lots of various activities. I want to work in some more learning time for him here–do things more geared toward kindergarten prep.
4:30–Dad home. He usually helps his Dad in the yard or the garage.
5:30ish–dinner. Then time with family
8:00-8:30–in bed. Ideally, we want an 8 PM bedtime, but sometimes it is 8:30. I don’t want to let that become a summer habit, though.

We also do daily chores sometime in there. I am working with where to have that and I am liking it in conjunction with getting ready so it is just done first thing in the day.

We sometimes vary the order of these, also. It isn’t set in stone. Meals are consistent as is getting ready time. I think things will get more consistent from day to day as I decide what would be best for our summer schedule. So far, it has been more of a vacation time, which is fine, but we are coming out of vacation time and need to get into our summer routine so when we go on real vacations, we can be more solid.



5 thoughts on “Brayden Child Summary: 5 Years Old”

  1. Thanks so much for these summaries on the older kids. I love hearing about them and it's good to know upcoming things. My oldest is a little older than Kaitlyn's but it's nice to see how things will change in a short time. Do you feel like there is as big of a change from 3 to 4 as 4 to 5? I would think 4 to 5 is the biggest as they get ready for kindergarten and are in preK. I suspect when I enroll my DD in preK I will see a big change. It's exciting to see but also bittersweet for me:) I really can't believe he is 5 already! Time sure flies!

  2. YS,I don't think 3 to 4 was a huge change. But to be fair, I had a two month old, so the whole thing is a bit fuzzy for me 🙂

  3. I looked up this post again because I was feeling these words of yours: "the idea in his head that he is very wise and in charge." We completely have that going on here and my son turned five about a month ago. I've had a couple of talks about obedience with him and we will have to have more. The positive thing is that he is really helpful and eager to do things. Oh and if you see this, YS, I did think 3 to 4 was a big change. However, 4 to 5 was just as big or bigger. It's mind-boggling to think that at 3 years old my oldest was not quite fully potty trained!

  4. Kristy, That makes me wonder if all of the kids will be this way…I am guessing Kaitlyn will. She has that functional firstborn place in the family and all.


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