Preschooler Summary: 3.5 years (plus 2 months)



McKenna seems to have been eating less in general this month than she usually does. 



McKenna sleeps about 11-11.5 hours at night.


She naps most days, but not every day of the week. I think most kids her age who are required to nap probably nap about half and half. I put her in bed each day for a nap, and if she is still awake after one hour I get her up.



McKenna has been more emotional than usual as a whole this month. She wasn’t irrational, but maybe sensitive is the right word for it.



McKenna seemed to snap out of the, eh, joy…of the head shaking and telling me no. She was quite obedient and pleasant. She was very patient. This is all as a whole of course–not every minute 🙂 We really worked on being super consistent with her and not let her get away with telling us not at all. I think that coupled with honestly “snapping out” of a phase is what did it.



McKenna has playgroup with friends her age once a week.


She has dance once a week.


She has swimming lessons every other week.



That about wraps up the month. Pretty low-key. She is just a  happy girl who loves to laugh and have fun. She loves to play and just can’t wait for Kaitlyn to get home from school each day to play.




7:30–Wake up and eat breakfast. Get ready. She then can play with siblings. 

9:00– Chores then independent playtime

10:30–Time with Mommy


1:00–Learning activities

1:30–Play with Kaitlyn


4:30–Get up–TV Time 


6:00–Family Activities

7:30–Get ready for bed










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  1. I'm glad to know that my 3.5 year old isn't the only one who is super emotional right now. EVERYTHING is the end of the world. I try to be patient, but WHEW… it's wearing when you combine that with the tantrums of my 2 yr old 🙂


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