McKenna Summary: 3.5 Years (plus 3 months)

A full summary of life for this 45 month old who has been raised on Babywise. Find out what daily life was like and find a 45 month old preschooler schedule to follow. Learn about sleep patterns and totals, what is normal for eating, and get insight into why preschoolers might disobey.

McKenna nd Kaitlyn sledding

This is a summary for McKenna as a 3.5 year old plus 3 months….however many months ends up being. I think that is 45 months.


McKenna is still eating less than I could consider a normal amount for McKenna. I know that when Brayden was a toddler/preschooler and ate very little it stressed me out. It probably did with Kaitlyn, too.

But at this point, I know that I give her enough food and that she is an intelligent enough person that she won’t let herself starve.

We will require a few more bites before she is done if it seems she hasn’t eaten much of anything or if she seemed to skip the vegetable portion of her meal, but other than that we don’t stress about McKenna and her eating.


McKenna very much needs a nap each day. If she does not sleep for a nap, she is often quite mischievous by bedtime. She is as happy as can be, but literally seems to be seeking out ways to annoy people.

So we aim for a nap each day. There are definitely days it doesn’t happen, but most days we do what we can to make it happen, which isn’t too hard since we have a baby who sleeps for three naps a day.

Naps tend to be 2 hours long. 

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At night, she still sleeps about 11.5 hours. 

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For most of this month, McKenna was quite well-behaved. At the very end of it, and really creeping into the next month, she started to react poorly to the extra freedom that came with siblings being home from Christmas break. She will definitely benefit from normal routine of everyone being back at school and work.

If your preschooler is not listening to you well, consider freedoms.

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7:30–Wake up and eat breakfast. Get ready. She then can play with siblings.
9:00– Chores then independent playtime
10:30–Time with Mommy
1:00–Learning activities
1:30–Play with Kaitlyn
4:30–Get up–TV Time 
6:00–Family Activities
7:00–Get ready for bed

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