Kaitlyn Preteen Summary: 13 Years Old

13 year old tween/teen girl information and helps. See all about her daily life as a teen girl and get the teen schedule. 

Kaitlyn on a 4-wheeler

This is a summary for Kaitlyn from 12.75-13 years old. So during the time, she was a tween (or preteen).


You might remember that last time I shared a time Kaitlyn complained about what I was making for dinner and subsequently made dinner for a week solid.

She has not complained about what we have had for dinner once since. If you ask her about it, she will assure you she knows better!


A really weird thing happened during this time. Kaitlyn started sleeping less. She didn’t start going to bed later, she started to wake up earlier. For years, she has been the last child out of bed if she has no alarm, but she is now usually the first child out of bed.

She doesn’t know why exactly. She has started to sleep with her blinds open so the sun can wake her up each morning. Having it light in her room helps her wake up and start the day early.

It could also be because she was waking so early for school and is just used to waking up earlier.


About 2/3 of this time was during normal life and 1/3 was during quarantine or stay home stay safe or whatever.

School has been great. She has great friends she loves. She had joined an audition choir where she had great fun singing.

She has had straight A’s in her classes so far and her teachers have great things to say about her.

School at home has been easy for her. She is able to get her distance learning done in 1-2 hours each day.

She doesn’t mind being home other than she really misses her friends and she misses her fun activities.


These are the things Kaitlyn particpated in during this time:

  • Indoor Soccer: Kaitlyn was able to play the winter season of indoor soccer and loved being able to play again.
  • Soccer Tournaments: Kaitlyn had two soccer tournaments during this time. She loves soccer tournaments and the chance to get to spend more time with her teammates. Kaitlyn still works on her soccer stills at home as much as she can during this time.
  • Choir: As I mentioned above, Kaitlyn joined an audition choir and loved that for the brief time she was involved. She is missing out on a lot of fun concerts and competitions with that right now.
  • Piano: Kaitlyn is loving piano. She is able to still take lessons over facetime. She has put even more time than usual into practice and has been challenged in new fun ways by her teacher. She is writing a song right now.

This is not an extracurricular, but Kaitlyn is teaching herself to play the Ukulele and also learning Spanish through the app Duolingo.

13 year old tween schedule and daily routine pinnable image

Daily Schedule

Pre-quarantine Schedule

6:00 AM–Get up and get ready
6:30 AM–Family scriptures
7:00 AM–Head to school
3:00 PM–Get home. Homework if she has it
5:30 PM–Dinner/Activities
8:00 PM–Start getting ready for bed. In bed between 8:30-9:00 PM

Quarantine Schedule

7:00 AM–Wake up

Block Schedule:

Flexible Daily Schedule

I am letting her set her own bedtime. We have a 8:30 PM “bedtime,” but she and Brayden can stay up until they feel is reasonable. They both wake up at a reasonable hour, so this is a great way for them to learn some personal responsibility.


Some typical chores for Kaitlyn right now include:

  • Cleaning her own room (everything about cleaning the room)
  • Cleaning up after herself
  • Dishes
  • Cleaning an entire bathroom independently
  • Taking care of her guinea pig
  • Doing her own laundry independently
  • Helping with dinner

Quarantine/Social Distancing Life

Kaitlyn is an introvert, so there are many things about this experience are no big deal for her. However, she does miss her friends a lot and she misses playing soccer a lot.

I think she has had the second-hardest time of my children (Brinley is having the hardest).

Kaitlyn is good at setting goals and working on them. She has made progress in her soccer, piano, new instrument, and learning a language. She also loves to read and has been plowing through books.

She and her friends meet in video chats each day, so she is able to at least have some good contact each day. She is also able to text with a lot of her friends.

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