Reader Feeding Baby at Church Questions

A question from a reader on how to feed your baby while at church. What is the best way to get baby fed and maintain a schedule?

Baby eating broccoli

Church and Eating

  • Emily said…
    I was wondering what you do about solids on Sundays. My 7month DD nurses/eats 7:30(rice, fruit), 11:00, 2:00(veggies, little fruit), 5:00, 7:30(rice,veggies,fruit).We are at church from 1-4 so that falls during a solid feeding. She can eat fingerfoods (baby bisquits, veggie puffs). Should I just let her snack on those at church or should I give her solids at the feeding before or after this one?
    August 17, 2008 3:23 PM
    Plowmanators said…
    Emily,I would for sure offer finger foods at church. I would most likely also do solids before church if she will eat them. That way she won’t be too hungry at church.
    August 17, 2008 10:58 PM

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9 thoughts on “Reader Feeding Baby at Church Questions”

  1. I have sometimes gone into the mother's lounge, sat my baby on the chair and fed her babyfood. If I'm careful I can keep it from getting too messy and our mother's lounge isn't really busy so I'm not in anyone's way.

  2. I always fed my babies solids at church if it fell during a feeding. I took whatever I would normally feed them and usually I could do it neatly enough on my lap that I didn't even take them out of the meeting. But taking them to the mothers' lounge is a good idea, too. When they got older and didn't eat purees anymore, I would take foods like beans and cheese cubes that were not so messy but still substantial.

  3. I would just put pureed food in a container and feed my babies wherever we were and never really felt the need to get them off their schedules. It got messy sometimes but it helped me feel like too many changes weren't happening all at once for them.

  4. Thanks ladies!When McKenna was a baby, our church was at 11 so her lunch was then. I fed her in Sunday school. There were a few of us who had babies the same age and we all just did it. Bib and all :)Now they make those pouches–you can even get pouches to put homemade food in–so I think it would be much easier to feed solids at church.

  5. Hi Val – I would love to see a post on how you handle TV / Video games / Ipad in your house and what rules and parameters you establish. The ipad contest posting just made me think of that.Thanks,Amy

  6. I only have an 8-month-old so I'm still early with solids experience, but I also feed them to baby at church. I have some reusable pouches for homemade food and usually put applesauce or something easy in there and I can feed him right from the pouch. I also then let him eat some puffs or rice cakes or whatever.

  7. Good idea Amy! I will add that to my list. I think technology is such a tricky thing for us as parents because we are essentially treading new waters in the parenting world.


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