Going to Church Without Ruining Your Baby’s Sleep

I love church. I really do. But when you have a little one, you often spend so much time in the hall with that baby that you wonder “What is… View Post

Going to Church with a Babywise Baby {Guest Post}

I am so happy to have Claire here today talking about her church tips. We can all use good church tips! I am over at Claire’s today talking about Solving… View Post

Surviving Sundays {Guest Post}

by Emily Parker from http://www.journeyofparenthood.com/ Attending church services on a regular basis is very important to my family. However, keeping my children on their schedules is also a top priority to… View Post

Reader Church Questions

Church and Eating Emily said… I was wondering what you do about solids on Sundays. My 7month DD nurses/eats 7:30(rice, fruit), 11:00, 2:00(veggies, little fruit), 5:00, 7:30(rice,veggies,fruit).We are at church… View Post

Reader Questions About Me

Krystal said… Hey, I have been wondering for awhile now if you are LDS? You said something about 3 hr. church, so that’s why I was wondering. We also have… View Post

Best Toys: Church Toys

Our church is three hours long. Up until 18 months old, children are with the parents for all three hours. When you consider missed naps and missed meals…that makes for… View Post

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