Fall Break 2016

I love fall! What a great time of year. This week is Fall Break for my children, so I am taking a little break. I never leave you hanging, however,… View Post

Summer Break and Light Reading

Close your eyes and imagine summer from your childhood. No matter what that summer looked like, I bet to you, it was perfection. At least it is in hindsight. My… View Post

Connecting Through Facebook Live

Facebook recently released a feature where you can go live and record yourself and people can interact with you while you are recording. There are no edits or retakes. It… View Post

Spring Break 2016

image source We are enjoying spring break here this week! As I take this week off, I have listed some popular posts from the past that you can enjoy! Teaching… View Post

Fall Break 2015

Time for some fall break time around here. While I am on break, I have compiled a list of my most popular posts from the second quarter of 2010. Enjoy!… View Post

Summer Break

It is time for summer break! I will take the week off to spend more time with my family. Please, if you have not done so, send me a Babywise… View Post

A Few of My Favorite Things

It is time for Spring Break for me! While I am taking a break, I thought I would share some of the most popular posts from the end of 2010… View Post