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Quotable Mondays: Gratitude

  source   Tis the season. I know Thanksgiving was last week, but we are still in the neighborhood of Thanksgiving so I wanted to get this out there. Today’s quote:   “Gratitude turns… View Post

Be Thankful for Everything We Do Have

My friend Mindee pinned this on Pinterest a few weeks back. I keep thinking about this idea of “attitude” and how it impacts our lives. Since I am a mother… View Post

Thankful Report

Did you do it? Did you count your blessings this month? I know a lot of you have because I have enjoyed reading your daily posts on Facebook of what… View Post

Importance of Showing Gratitude

  November seems to be the perfect month to talk gratitude. Last year I talked about teaching gratitude ( I focused a lot on being a good example of gratitude… View Post

Our Favorite Attitude…

Should be gratitude! I love this saying. This year as I think about Thanksgiving and being grateful, my thoughts turn not to being grateful for my many blessings and how… View Post