Thankful Report

Did you do it? Did you count your blessings this month? I know a lot of you have because I have enjoyed reading your daily posts on Facebook of what you are thankful for.

I listed my family, of course. My husband’s supportive nature. Brayden’s quick wit. The peacemaker that is my Kaitlyn. McKenna’s spunk. I listed doing fun things with my children like baking with them. My parents for always helping out. That Saturday they watched our kids so we could have a nice long date. 

I listed my home. The warmth, comfort, and shelter it provides to us. 

I listed church, the Lord, the Atonement, my church leaders, and scriptures.

I listed sunshine (several times! Not intentionally. It must be getting cold around here). My comfortable bed. That quilt I made ten years ago (love that thing). Warm showers! Warm clothes (see, it is getting cold). Music and singing. Laughter. 

I listed good friends. I listed my pets. My ability to exercise. Snow days–they are always fun. The sounds of leaves rustling…such a nostalgic sound. Oh and stores where I can shop–I don’t have to raise, barter, or create everything I have. I also love online shopping–where would I be without it! I would get to take the time I do to shop carefully.

Let’s not forget my country and the armed forces. I also listed teachers.

I listed creativity, remodeling, color…we are doing some reno here. 

Those are some things I was thankful for this month. What about you?

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