Brinley Newborn Summary: Week 10

Newborn schedule for baby’s 10th week. Baby newborn schedule and routine for the tenth week of life. 9-10 week old newborn routine. Find out what to do with a newborn all day, feeding intervals, and playtime activities.

Brinley 9 weeks old

This is a summary for Brinley’s 10th week; she was nine weeks old.


Brinley had a growth spurt this week. This was her first growth spurt of her life that made for shorter naps all around.

I had a couple of days where it felt like all I did was sit on the couch and feed her. Feeding every two hours will do that. 

Growth spurts can last from a few days to a week or so. Brinley’s was about four days. And by the end, she was very noticeably bigger. 

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I like to give Brinley a bottle once a week. I did this with Brayden and Kaitlyn. I switched bottle brands with McKenna to a brand that leaked like crazy.

It drove me crazy so I didn’t use the bottle and she eventually just wouldn’t take it (I know! I didn’t follow my own advice!). I want to avoid repeating that mistake. 

We had parent/teacher conferences during this week. My mom came over and stayed with Brinley and McKenna while the rest of us went.

Now, on Brinley’s normal schedule, she would have been asleep the whole time I was gone. But I made the appointment two weeks ago, and this day happened to land on the last day of the growth spurt. So she was way off. 

My mom got her up. Four days earlier, my mom had given her a bottle with no problem. Well, this time she refused. Absolutely refused. My mom tried and tried. Brinley just cried and then fell asleep in her arms. When I got home, she was sleeping still.

Oh! And when we left the school, our battery was dead. So we had to jump it and were home about 30 minutes later than we would have been.

We got home 30 minutes after she woke up initially. That battery! It’s okay–she survived just fine.


This week, I started wondering if I should change waketime length. I tried going longer and it was a no-go.

I read through McKenna’s summary for this age and saw I did the same thing with her at this age! There must be something about the age–must be a bit fitful or something. 

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She woke a couple of nights in the night during the growth spurt. After her growth spurt, she went back to sleeping through the night again. 


Am I not funny? Brinley laughed this week for the first time–but for my mom. Not for me.

She will smile at me like crazy. She is a little chatterbox who stops nursing to tell me stories. But I am apparently not funny to her :). I tried. I guess I am not comedian.

I know, I know. My sense of humor is dry. At least Brayden finds me very funny–now that he is seven and can understand my sense of humor. I can have him rolling. Some day Brinley, some day.


I am losing my brain. I am forgetting everything. I gave my husband a haircut…I cut it at a half inch instead of one inch. Woops. I did the same thing–same thing–when McKenna was this age.

I was helping in Kaitlyn’s class. I totally read the instructions wrong and had them do the activity wrong (but what I had them do was super fun!).

I had Brinley’s baby quilt at a quilter’s house. I brought it to her before Brinley was born, but she had a million orders. She called to tell me it was done. I told her I would go pick it up that day. Four days later I remembered that…oh my! My brain is gone. It will come back.


This is our daily schedule.
7-7:30 (time varies here)–feed, then bedtime



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25 thoughts on “Brinley Newborn Summary: Week 10”

  1. Brinley is so cute. I wanted to ask you about naps. My 7 week old goes down pretty easy for his first 2 naps of the day. However, the third and fourth naps are much harder, especially the fourth. There have have been some days that he won't take the fourth nap at all. He just cries and then he is very cranky before bedtime. I have tried changing his wake times, but it doesn't seem to matter. He will just sit there all wide-eyed or cry because he is fighting the swaddle. I am not sure how to handle this. Could he be sleeping too long for his first 2 naps? He will often sleep 2.5 hours for both of these naps. Should I put him back on a 3 hour schedule to see if that helps. I think he just doesn't like to sleep. He is very alert and easy to wake. I know he really needs the sleep, but I am not sure of what to do. Any ideas would be appreciated. I read where you had said you are already tired of the fourth nap. I agree. By this time of day it feels like such a chore and you just wish you could spend more time with the baby.

  2. I bet the fourth nap at least is witching hour. For that nap, don't worry if you need to have it in the swing. I would probably start it in bed, then if he won't fall asleep, move to the swing or something similar. He is right in witching hour age range. By Brinley's age, it will be improving.

  3. She is so cute! The part about her "chatting" during nursing made me laugh. I can so relate. My Emma does that too. She's 11 weeks now. Thanks for your updates I really enjoy them since our girls are so close in age.

    • My daughter is 10 weeks today and is behaving similarly to your's during the same week. She is fighting naps and they have been shorter. I was thinking it might be a growth spurt b/c she seems to want to eat more. Thanks for these weekly posts. They have helped me. My biggest struggle with her is the last evening nap and bedtime. Still working on getting her to sleep around 7:30 rather than cluster feed until 9pm.

    • Liv she gets 4-5 ounces. She has never finished that much yet–usually she takes 3-4 and I have always been around by the end of the bottle and have fed her following the bottle. She takes a full feeding at that point. The girl can pack it in!

  4. She's adorable! I had a question about naps. I see that Brinley's last nap is at 5:20 and then bed at 7/7:30. How long is her 5:20 nap? My LO naps from 6:30 until her 8 o'clock feeding and then back to sleep for bedtime. Is that too much sleeping before bed?

    • Jennifer that is her most random nap. Or only random nap. Some days she sleeps only one hour and eats at a two hour interval. Some days she sleeps until I wake her up and then goes right back to sleep. It hasn't ever been a pro ken for her and wasn't for McKenna either, so I wouldn't worry about it unless it becomes a problem.

  5. I also have a question about the naps in your schedule. About how long are they? Also, any advice on how to put the baby to sleep for naps? Sometimes my 6 week old fights me over & over & before you know it's taken 2 hours to get her to nap 🙁

    • Kristen, naps are 2-2.5 hours for the most part. The last nap of the day can be shorter. For getting baby to sleep, keep waketime length short (40-60 min) and try the four s's. Swaddling helps a lot too. I have lots of posts on sleep–check out the newborn index for lots of help.

  6. Also, my daughter is bottle fed, 4oz each feeding. She's 6 weeks old and weighs 10 lbs if that helps at all. She also seems like she wants to be awake & people always comment at how alert she is so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong but she doesn't like napping at all these days.

  7. I have a few random questions.1.What white noise machine do you use with your kiddos? 2.Do you start using it at Brinley's age?3.I may have just missed this somewhere, but do you have your NBs sleep in your room at first?

    • Amber,White noise we actually use humidifiers. We live in a dry climate, do that is how we got started on white noise at all. We is t start using them unitil kaitlyn was an older baby, but since then I have been sold. I need them for brinley with the noise going on around here with four older siblings. So yes she had had it since birth. We also have a gracias sound machine that I like. You can fid it on amazon. We take that camping. It can run on batteries, plug in, and you can plug an iPod into it. Yes, I have them sleep in my room at first. They have all been different ages when I moved tem out, and they have gotten younger with each baby.

  8. I need some help! My third son will be 9 weeks tomorrow. I did babywise with all 3 and my oldest STTN at 4 wks and middle child STTN at 6-7 wks. My new baby was 3/4 lb less at birth so when he was only going 6 hours at 6-7 wks old, I wasn't concerned. I would feed him at 10-11p and not hear from him until 3:30-4:30a. Suddenly, around 7.5 wks old (so about 10 days ago) he started regressing. He still only gets up once but it has been around 2:30a and last night it was 1:30a! He made it until 6:45a this morning but when he getting up at 4:00a, I would have to wake him around 7:15a or 7:30a some days.The only thing I have changed is that he now sleeps in his bassinet (pack n play), rather than sleeping in his car seat. I blamed it on that change at first but after 10 days, I cant imagine he is still transitioning. I have let him cry/fuss for 20-30ish minutes before feeding him the past few nights (increasing the time each night to see if he will fall back to sleep). He always seems(even at 1:30a this morning) hungry. He is a one side nurser but took BOTH sides last night.Even though I am only getting up once, I feel like there is no end in sight since he is moving backwards rather than forwards with his nighttime wake times.His schedule is:7 Feed7:50 Nap10 Feed10:50/11 Nap1/1:15 Feed2:00 Nap4 Feed5 Nap (45 minutes only)6/6:30 Feed8:00 (or prior) Feed/bedtime10-11 DreamfeedAny suggestions would be VERY helpful! Thank you!

    • Kara if it makes you feel better, all of my kids did that. They get earlier, then sleep later, then earlier…He might have reflux or a mild case of something like that to make him like to be slept at an incline. That is how brinley is–no reflux but she prefers the incline.

  9. I have one more random question. What bassinet do you use that fits in your crib. I am considering purchasing one and wondered how you like yours.

    • Shea, mine is a kolcraft. It comes off of the base so just the bed portion is in he crib. It is old at this point do I am sure the one they make is different now. I think so long as it comes offer base it will work.

  10. I found your blog with DD and now still read it tons with DS. And I have to tell you, it is nice to see that you and Brinley aren't perfect either. I mean that in the kindest way possible….. not sure how it comes off in writing…….Just know that it makes me smile and feel like maybe I'm not doing so bad after all.

    • Mommalanda I know what you mean 🙂 it is nice to know that off days are normal. Sometimes when she is off, my husband says, " babies have bad days too.". Do true. Some days they are just off.

  11. How did you know she was going through a growth spurt? I have four kids (8,6,4, and 10wks) and hardest issue I've had and is having now w my LO is deciphering if he is waking early from a nap for overtiredness or from hunger. You mentioned she wanted to eat all the time — did she show u cues?

  12. Your insight would be hugely appreciated! My daughter is 9 weeks old 3 days. She's 12.2 lbs. Formula fed. She WILL NOT settle for daytime naps. She appears to fight them. I also use a pacifier but she cries when she loses it. This is true (lots!) throughout the night, too. She still wakes for one bottle feeding a night but wakes 15+ times to be "plugged". She also will grunt wiggle a lot after middle of night feeding even if not fully awake. She starts day at 7 everyday & eats 4-6 oz every 3 hours. Lays down for bed at 7:30-8 every night. Need help with naps & nighttime sleep. She's big enough & scheduled enough to be doing better I feel?

    • It is probably the pacifier that is causing your issues. I would read about that here and decide if you want to wait out the difficult pacifier time or wean her from it now.


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