Brinley Baby Summary: Week 14 {3 Months Old}

Baby schedule for baby’s 14th week. Baby schedule and routine for the fourteenth week of life. 13 week old baby routine and daily life. Find out what to do with a 3 month old all day, feeding intervals, and playtime activities.

3 month old Brinley

Oh my goodness! I know I am biased, but isn’t she just seriously adorable? She is seriously sweet.

This is a summary for Brinley’s 14th week. She was 13 weeks old. At the beginning of this week, she turned 3 months old. I will label this with newborn still since she was a newborn for a couple of days of it.


As her official newborn period ended, I reflected on it. It went by so very fast!

I do not traditionally really love the newborn phase, but I am happy to say that I did this time around. I really enjoyed it to the fullest.

I loved it for its good points. I soaked up those quiet moments with her. I let her sleep in my arms sometimes. I cuddled her. Those first smiles are just amazing.

Life is slower paced with a newborn, and while that was hard for me to get used to with Brayden (I am a busy body) and hard to manage with my other girls just because of having busy little toddlers and preschoolers, it was something I fully appreciated this time around.

Thank you for forcing me to slow down and take notice of life!


Oh these kids this age can be so hard to feed! They start to get distracted while nursing.

I have to laugh. You start life out working so hard to get this baby to stay awake to eat. You get some time to enjoy baby just eating.

Baby focuses and stays awake without a battle. Then baby gets about three months old and everything is a distraction. 

My mom remembered the days of Brayden when he would get distracted and she would have to go into another room or hide from him so he could just eat. That worked great for him.

I tried going into a quiet room where Brinley couldn’t hear the many distractions of our house…but that didn’t work. She is used to noise.

Brayden was used to the silence of course since it was just he and I at home.

Brinley is smart and knows these people should still be there, so she still looks for them if they aren’t there.

I finally got out the nursing cover and covered her up. If she can hear them but not see them, I can usually get her to eat. I don’t think the cover will be a fix forever, but it is helping right now. 


Sleep was good and normal. 

At this age, many moms start weaning or have even dropped the swaddle by now. I tried the one-arm swaddle one nap this week…definitely NOT ready. 

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This age is fun–the baby just gets so interactive and really enjoys playing. And it just gets better from here on out.

I love her squeals of delight and fun while she plays. A cute thing is that she loves to be tickled under her chin. I can tell when she wants to be tickled by her little happy dance. 


This was the week of the time change. I had her schedule fully shifted except for the dreamfeed.

Oh the dreamfeed.

I think this has to be incredibly rare. She was at the point when all signs pointed to dropping the dreamfeed, but it was a time change when you fall back. So I didn’t want to drop it and have her wake earlier in the morning–earlier would have been early with this time change. 

I thought and thought and thought about how to do this. Do I drop the dreamfeed altogether? Do I leave it at the same time to her (the new 9:15)? Do I move it some but not all of the way?

I didn’t really want to push it later because the way I like to drop the dreamfeed is to move it up a bit, so to move it later when I should be moving it earlier didn’t seem to make much sense. But if I move it earlier I am at the point I could just drop it. 

So what I did was move it to the new 9:45 (old 10:45). I will leave it there for a while–at least a week. Maybe two or more. I tend to drop the dreamfeed later than needed. I just feel better about it that way. 

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My hair has started to fall out again. So far it is just normal hair amounts. It reminded me that my hair hasn’t fallen out for months and months. It also reminded me that the crazy amounts of hair falling out is in my future. Ahh good times (sarcastically stated).


This is our daily schedule. Most of the week was pre-time change, so I will leave the pre-time change schedule up. 

8:00–feed, then bedtime



3 month old Brinley

6 thoughts on “Brinley Baby Summary: Week 14 {3 Months Old}”

  1. These summaries are so helpful–I have a daughter just a week or so younger than B. Please keep us posted on the swaddle. We tried putting our baby to bed in a regular sleep sack this week and it became clear she wasn't ready. My hair has started falling out, as well. 🙂

  2. My little one did the same thing with the dreamfeed (was also around the time change). She had always stretched her night time sleep, so I was trying to stretch the dreamfeed back earlier. It just seemed to make her sleep worse. My husband suggested dropping it all together and the problem was fixed. Of course she started sleeping 12 hours that night! It's worth a try!

  3. Oh, she is just adorable! Truly a beautiful baby!I love that you enjoyed her newborn stage so much. It really inspires me to make that a goal with my next baby.

  4. Your blog has been so helpful as my husband and I navigate through the newborn months using the Babywise methods. However, our son is 6 weeks old now and still seems to have his days and nights partially flipped. We aim for a 3 hour schedule with the first feeding around 7-7:30. But because he doesn't go to sleep until 1am he starts the day too tired for any waketime, though as the day progresses his naps get shorter, and by the time we hit 10pm there is no way he is going to sleep for the night. We let him CIO but he is so persistent at night that he will cry until he's hungry again (he often cluster feeds at night), so I feed him, put him down, and the same cycle repeats until 1am when he's too tired to continue. Any suggestions you have would be WONDERFUL since 6 weeks of 5 hour nights has left me non-functional.

  5. I don't know if you're still responding to this post, but I thought I'd try anyway 🙂 My sweet girl turned 13 weeks on Wednesday. She generally does great on a schedule very similar to the one you have listed for Brinley. For the first several weeks of her life, I struggled with the dream feed. She would NOT want to eat. It sometimes took me an hour to get her to eat even a little. It was exhausting. Then suddenly she decided she'd be a pro at it. That lasted a few weeks. Now, 2 things have started happening that lead me to believe it could be better to drop the DF altogether. 1. Not only has she been a little too alert during it (talking, sometimes even crying like she's upset for having been woken), she's also reverted to waking up around 3:30 or 4 and crying — last night we did CIO for 20 minutes before I decided to go in an intervene. My husband or I will go in, hold her, give her a paci, etc. I'm wondering if she's waking because the DF is disturbing her sleep. 2. Also, when I feed her around 4:30 and then again around 6:45 or 7, she's just not hungry enough to eat well at that time. She ends up waking up around 8:30 wanting to eat again. So. I'm wondering if I should drop the DF and/or combine the last two feedings of the day so that her last feeding falls later (like around 7:30). Or should I cluster feed until about 7:30 then just put her to bed? (I wouldn't mind an early night myself!)Thanks for this blog. It's been so encouraging.


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