Share Your Blogs Day

Today, we are going to share our blogs! I know many of you have various, interesting blogs that vary from crafting to specific interest. Today is the day to link up and share your blogs with other Babywise moms. Here are the categories I have planned for today:

  • Family blogs (please be sure you really want to share this before doing so)
  • Craft blogs
  • Feeding baby/child blogs
  • Cooking/recipe blogs
  • Photography
  • Tips blogs
  • Learning Activity blogs for kids/Schooling blogs
  • Business blogs (share your blogs for your business)
  • Entertainment blogs
  • Religious blogs
  • Parenting blogs
  • Misc blogs

If I missed a major category, go ahead and leave a comment telling me the category your blog falls under and I will add it.

This will go just like our Schedules posts. On the post for your category, leave a comment. In the comment, be sure to include a link. Also, you can leave a short summary of your blog. I will move these up to the main body of the post.

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