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Well the time has come to make a special announcement. We are expecting our third child! I am due next April and am almost 11 weeks along.

I am excited and a little nervous. I don’t look forward to the training of the early months, but I know from experience the work is worth it and leads you to easier older months.

I am not one who does well with pregnancy; it is very hard on me. I am very sick and of course tired. Response time to comments is getting longer because I just can’t spend as much time each day responding. But I press forward and hope to be able to keep on top of things the best I can!

Brayden is extremely excited and tells everyone he encounters that there is a baby in Mommy’s tummy. I told him early on and for some reason expected the same excitement level I got from him while I was pregnant with Kaitlyn, which was nothing. My husband questioned my telling him and thought he would tell everyone, I assured him Brayden would not be interested enough.
Well, I was wrong. Then I realized when I was pregnant with Kaitlyn, he was Kaitlyn’s age. He had no idea what was happening. Now he knows, and he is excited. He wants a baby sister and he wants to name her Kaitlyn.

Reader Comments: Thanks for the many wonderful congratulations!

  • Christie said…
    This is such fantastic news!! I know we do not know one another, but you seem like such a fantastic mother, and I have learned so much from your blogs each day. God has blessed you with the wisdom and knowledge needed to be a great mom. Congrats again!
    September 24, 2008 11:27 AM
  • ET said…
    Congratulations to you and your family on the upcoming addition! All the best to you for a healthy pregnancy 🙂
    September 24, 2008 11:45 AM
  • Rhianna said…
    Congratulations! 🙂 I’m happy for you!
    September 24, 2008 11:49 AM
  • Amanda said…
    That’s wonderful news! I hope you have an easier pregnancy this time around.
    September 24, 2008 11:51 AM
  • Jaclyn said…
    Congratulations! That is so exciting! I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy. God bless!
    September 24, 2008 12:50 PM
  • nicole viola said…
    how exciting! congratulations!
    September 24, 2008 12:50 PM
  • david, blair, and sadie beth said…
    Congratulations! I hope you get to feeling better soon…you are almost through the first trimester. 🙂
    September 24, 2008 1:14 PM
  • The Traveling Turtle said…
    congratulations! what an exciting time.
    September 24, 2008 1:20 PM
  • Caroline said…
    Congratulations! I haven’t ever asked a question on this site because you have so much useful information already posted, but I’m obsessed with it. You explain things so clearly and we’ve been able to smooth out several issues with BW. Good luck with everything!
    September 24, 2008 1:32 PM
  • Rachael said…
    What a blessing … every good and perfect gift comes down from the Father of heavenly lights! hope you feel better soon! Thanks for all you do to help us all out.
    September 24, 2008 1:44 PM
  • Doodiebug said…
    Congratulations to you and your family! Best wishes for a happy and healthy pregnancy.
    September 24, 2008 2:00 PM
  • Emily said…
    Congratulations! How very exciting!
    September 24, 2008 2:55 PM
  • Lucie said…
    Congrats!!!! I am so excited for your family! What a wonderful addition to such a wonderful Mom!!
    September 24, 2008 4:07 PM
  • Natalie said…
    YEAH! I keep tabs on this blog-you do such a great job. We are excited to hear all about this pregnancy. Best wishes-I have rough pregnancies too…yuck! But it’s totally worth it.
    September 24, 2008 5:46 PM
  • Emily said…
    Congrats!! I had my third in May…my three are 20 months/ 19 months apart, respectively. If found going from 2 to 3 MUCH easier than 1 to 2…mainly b/c you are much more flexible. That lends to a little more difficulty re: babywise but we’ve made it work by modifying…BTW, I totally recommend the graco sweetpeace 🙂 I know you asked me in a post awhile back and I totally love it!!
    September 24, 2008 5:59 PM
  • LEM said…
    I am so excited for you!! Like many have already said, you give great advice on here so I am sure you are a FANTASTIC mother. Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy!
    September 24, 2008 6:02 PM
  • The Burkes said…
    What a wonderful blessing. Congratulations! God is good ALL the time!
    September 24, 2008 6:18 PM
  • Cate said…
    Congratulations! I have been reading your blog since I had my first child (a little girl born on 6/7/08) and getting so much help and reassurance from your posts. You are an amazing mother and inspiration! Good luck with the pregnancy – i hope you get your energy back soon!
    September 24, 2008 8:32 PM
  • Don and Denise Sullivan said…
    That’s awesome! Congratulations!!
    September 24, 2008 10:07 PM
  • Laura said…
    Congratulations! What a blessing! I am so excited for your family. I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy! Thanks so much for the great blog!
    September 24, 2008 11:10 PM
  • aquanetor said…
    Hi Val,Thank you for sharing your joy with us. My heartiest congratulation to you and your family.
    September 25, 2008 6:37 AM
  • mommytoisabella said…
    Congratulations! That is great news. I pray for a healthy pregnancy.
    September 25, 2008 6:38 AM
  • Susanna said…
    Blessings on you and yours! That is simply wonderful news.
    September 25, 2008 8:59 AM
  • Plowmanators said…
    Thanks to everyone for your sweet comments and congrats! I am still quite sick, but hoping things improve 🙂 It is really just part of the package for me and pregnancy.
    September 29, 2008 11:38 AM
  • ndw said…
    Val, Congratulations! That’s wonderful news. I just found out we’re expecting our second…I’m due in May. I’m so glad to know I’ll be in great company in those early months of bw training. i was on my own the first time because i didn’t discover your blog until my son was about 5 months old… and i had so many questions especially in the beginning! i was so grateful to have found your blog (and maya’s mom too although that’s now gone 🙁 . Well congrats again… happy, happy news 🙂
    September 30, 2008 10:22 AM
  • Rachel Stella said…
    That is so sweet that Brayden wants another baby sister named Kaitlyn. He sure must love her!
    September 30, 2008 3:49 PM
  • Plowmanators said…
    ndw, Thanks and congrats to you! Yes, we can go through the difficult early weeks together 🙁
    September 30, 2008 3:52 PM
  • Plowmanators said…
    Rachel, I know, he really does. He just adores her.
    September 30, 2008 3:53 PM
  • ckim56 said…
    Congratulations!!!i’m so sorry that your not feeling well though 🙁 i had terrible ‘morning sickness’ for my first 20 weeks of pregancy and found that altoids help the nausea…and I have heard that unisom can help too!! blessings to you and your family!
    September 30, 2008 7:50 PM
  • my3sons said…
    Congratulations!! May God bless you and your growing family!
    October 7, 2008 9:55 AM
  • Mahal said…
    This is awesome news! Children are such a blessing! Congratulations and enjoy this wonderful season!
    October 21, 2008 2:38 PM

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