Surviving Baby Diaper Rash: Help It Heal

Tips to help your baby’s diaper rash heal. Try these products and tips to keep your baby’s skin clear. Real tips for real moms.

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The entire time Brayden was in diapers, he never had a diaper rash. I figured I was pretty hot stuff and an amazing preventor of the rashes. Kaitlyn came along and only ever had a rash from yeast. Again, more evidence to support my amazing abilities in avoiding diaper rashes. And come on, it was so easy. I really couldn’t see how a diaper rash was even possible.

Then along came McKenna. And she got diaper rashes! I was doing the same things I had done with my first two children. Despite that, the rashes would come. And they were bad! I did some research and significantly upped my game, and they would still come sometimes! McKenna has eczema, and I am sure that contributes to her propensity for rashes. Brinley has a milder form of eczema, and she also will get rashes at times, though not as often as McKenna did.

I share that with you to let those of you with rash-less children know that a baby with a diaper rash is not being neglected and you do not have super-mom powers. And I also share it so those of you with children with rashes know that you are still a great mom! 

Now, there are many ways people treat a diaper rash. I asked my readers on Facebook how they survive the diaper rash, and I have included a list of their answers below. You will see many answers! Why are there so many answers? Probably in large part because babies have different skin types, so different things will work for different babies. Another reason is that there are so many things on the market to help with rashes, and when you find something that works for that baby, you hold fast to it! 

How I Survive a Diaper Rash

First, let me share my method with you for a diaper rash. This is a diaper rash, not a yeast rash (caused by thrush). As soon as you see a sign of a rash, start trying to get rid of it. If you fix it fast, you won’t get to the point of extreme pain for your baby. You can fix a rash before it starts in a few hours. Once you have a full-blown rash, it can take days to fix. 

First, I change diapers at least twice as often as I do on a normal basis. I don’t want the baby sitting in a soiled diaper at all

I rinse with water. Water is amazing. I don’t typically give my babies with eczema a bath daily, but I find a daily bath (or more) during a diaper rash is very helpful in speeding up the healing process. I also will use a peri bottle (like you get at the hospital after you give birth) and spray the baby off during diaper changes. 

I love Baking soda for a diaper rash. A diaper rash is acidic and baking soda is a base, so it helps neutralize the acid. It helps heal very quickly. During baths, I will dump some baking soda in the water. I will also add some to the peri bottle if things are getting bad. But note here, the baking soda can potentially sting your baby. So I spray it on, then I wipe it off with a wet wipe (we use Huggies Natural Care Fragrance Free Baby Wipes). If you spray it and leave it, it might really sting your baby, so wipe it off well. Then let it air dry.

Once we have the area clean and dry, I put some Aquaphor in the palm of my hand and add a drop or two of Lavender oil. I mix that up and then put it on the rash. Lavender oil helps heal broken skin. I then follow that up with some Desitin Maximum Strength Paste in the purple tube. 

For prevention, we use Desitin Maximum Strength Paste in the purple tube. With McKenna, I used it at every diaper change. With Brinley, I only need to use it at night. If her skin gets a little bit red at all, I use the Desitin until it is back to normal color.

For Brayden and Kaitlyn, I used Boudreaux’s Butt Paste at night. I think you need something on each night to prevent diaper rash. 

How You Survive Diaper Rash

Here is the list of your ideas. Try different things until you find what works, and once you know what works for your child, stick to it!


Diaper Change Care

  • No Wipes–wet wash cloth
  • Air drying
  • Water. Wash with water and air dry
  • Frequent diaper changes
  • Bare bottom time
  • Organic Diapers

Home Remedies

  • Breastmilk on cotton ball
  • Coconut oil for yeast (or for all!)–great for prevention, too
  • Lavender
  • Corn Starch
  • Baking soda
  • Oatmeal bath: plain oatmeal in a towel and tie it up. Put in the bath with baby and squeeze it often to get liquid out.


If you have anything to add, please do so! Comment and share what you do to survive a diaper rash.

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