Surviving Weaning from Breast and/or Bottle

Our latest surviving question is how do you survive the weaning process, whether from breast or bottle?   Breast Relieve Engorgement: If you get engorged, take steps to relieve it.… View Post

Surviving Dropping Naps

The period of time when you are dropping a nap can be stressful, what with figuring out new waketime lengths, ideal nap time, and what to do to keep the… View Post

Surviving Mosquitoes

Oh how I loath mosquitoes. A few of us in my house are extremely allergic to them. We have a beautiful pond that is stagnate in the property behind us,… View Post

Surviving Flying with Children

  Flying with children can be nerve-wracking. Children are unpredictable. You never know if they are going to have an off day and if they will essentially freak out or… View Post

Surviving Potty Training

There are two things about parenting that I truly dread. One is sleep training. The other is potty training. Now, I haven’t necessarily had a terrible experience with either. When… View Post

Surviving Eczema

  Eczema is truly heartbreaking. Your poor child has these sores that at the very least cause mild discomfort, but in many cases, pain. It can be hard to know… View Post

Surviving Seasonal Allergies

image source Allergy season is upon us! I asked you all how you survive allergies on Facebook. I wanted to know everything from food allergies to environmentally caused allergies. This post… View Post