You’re Being Too Easy if Toddler’s Not Throwing Tantrums

I cannot remember where I read this, but I recently was looking up some random thing on the Internet (I can’t even remember what) and read something talking about toddlers. It said, “You are being too easy on your toddler if he isn’t throwing tantrums sometimes.”


What does that mean?


That means that if your toddler is always so happy there are no tantrums going on, it means you are giving in to your toddler rather than setting limits. Toddlers will have tantrums when they are met with limitations. They will not happily accept being told no or being told they must obey. Tantrums are normal. If you are not experiencing tantrums with your toddler, it means you are letting your toddler call the shots.


Now this doesn’t mean we embrace tantrums or ignore the tantrums. We work with the toddler to teach him to obey and to say “yes mommy.” We teach them that tantrums are not the way we respond when we are upset. Toddlers respond naturally with tantrums. We can help them learn to control that temper. So when your toddler throws that tantrum (yes, WHEN), take it as a sign that you are doing the right thing and then help your child move toward being able to not throw tantrums in the future.


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