Brinley Preteen Summary: 8.75 Years Old

Daily life and schedule for an 8.75 year old tween who was raised on Babywise. See her daily life, activities she is involved in, and her daily schedule.

Brinley tween summary

This is a summary for Brinley from 8.5 years old to 8.75 years old.


Eating is going well. There is nothing noteworthy to report here.


Sleeping is going well.

One interesting note is talking about being the youngest in a family and bedtime.

Brinley goes to bed earlier than her siblings on a school night. That is no big deal and she doesn’t mind it.

She also goes to bed earlier than they do on weekends, which she doesn’t always love.

We do let her stay up later on weekends than her typical bedtime, but we have noticed that Sunday is usually a very emotional day for her. She spends the day melting down and getting easily offended.

We finally had the thought that she probably can’t handle two late nights in a row. So we have changed her to staying up late one night a weekend, but not both. The second is typically later than a school night, but only by 30 minutes. The other night can be 1-1.5 hours later. This has helped a lot!

One upcoming challenge will be what to have as her bedtime in the summer.


For a couple of summaries, I have been talking about my quest to get her off of graphic novels and into traditional novels.

I shared last time that I will start reading her a book in a series out loud at bedtime and she will then take it and finish the whole series without me.

Her two most recent series has been Fablehaven.

I really feel like before I started doing this, she felt some measure of intimidation with a traditional novel. She would read short easy novels, but she never chose the long novel.

She reads at a very high level, so I am not sure why she would be intimidated. She also always denied it when I asked her if that was the case, so she and I disagree if that was true or not.

However, now I would say that intimidation (which may or may not have been there) is gone now. She would not shy away from a book because of its length.

I am really happy about this because she needs to be reading books at her actual reading level. Easier books are okay to read at times, too, but she needs a challenge. All kids do! And what is easy for one will be a challenge for another.

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Brinley has still loved school. While my other kids are excitedly counting down the days until summer, she is mourning the passing of the end of the school year.


During this time period, Brinley still had rec basketball as well as competitive soccer. She also continued with piano lessons from Brayden and started up private swim lessons.


This is a typical school day for her.

7:30 AM–Wake up and get ready for school
8:30 AM–Go to school
3:00 PM–Get home from school. Homework, piano practice, free time
5:30 PM–Dinner. Then free time
8:30 PM–Bedtime. She reads for 15-20 minutes before going to sleep.

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8.75 year old tween summary

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