10 Year Old Chores Perfect for Your Tween

Chores your 10 year old can do. A complete list of chore ideas that your child can learn to do when your child is ten years old. Find out what 10 new chores they should already be able to do and what to add on this year.

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When children help with household chores, they gain a great sense of responsibility. While most of us do not feel excited to do chores, even as adults, we all feel good about the job when it is done.

Now that your child is ten, you probably are more accepting of the fact that your child will indeed move out of the house. It is coming and it is coming quickly.

These are the years to help prepare your child to be able to move out and be a successful adult.

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Chores Your 10 Year Old Should Already Do

There are chores a 10 year old should already be comfortable with. Before you add in new chores, make sure your child has all of the following down. These are chores that are recommended for younger ages. Here is the chore list:

  • Wash dishes by hand, including drying dishes
  • Be a gopher
  • Help make dinner
  • Pull weeds
  • Help in the garden
  • Care for pets: food, water, and love
  • Pick up a room
  • Wipe down a sink
  • Clean a bathroom counter
  • Wipe the outside of a toilet
  • Empty trash cans
  • Wrap gifts
  • Bush hair
  • Shower independently (with the exception of washing hair if it is long)
  • Fold laundry and socks
  • Put laundry away
  • Dust
  • Sort laundry and dirty clothes
  • Set the table
  • Clear the table
  • Wipe the kitchen table
  • Clean own room
  • Yard work, including rake leaves
  • Dress self
  • Brush teeth
  • Pet care
  • Vacuum 
  • Make own bed
  • Make a sandwich
  • Warm up canned food
  • Unload the dishwasher
  • Load the empty dishwasher
  • Clean sinks
  • Sweep floors–if the broom is too big, consider getting a kid-sized broom
  • Use a dustpan
  • Empty garbages
  • Make own lunch, snack, or a simple meal
  • Base moldings or baseboards
  • Clean up and organize books
  • Learn to buy groceries
  • Mop floors and dry mop
  • Watch younger siblings
  • Organize toys
  • Take hamper to and from bedroom
  • Load washer and dryer
  • Groom nails independently
  • Wash own hair
  • Practice for hobbies and interests (musical instrument, sports, arts, etc.)
  • Clean mirrors
  • Clean outside furniture
  • Fully clean up after self
  • Help make dinner
  • Learn to bake
  • Wash the car
  • Dust pictures and wall hangings
  • Clean bathroom (most of it)

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10-Year Old Age Appropriate Chores

Once your 10 year old is able to do the chores listed above, it is time to add new chores.

Clean the Inside of the Toilet

I wait until my kids are 10 before I have them clean the inside of the toilet. There is a lot that happens inside of the toilet bowl and I want to make sure I know that child will clean hands well when that chore is complete.

We also use cleaner for the inside of the toilet that has bleach, so I want my child old enough to handle that without destroying clothes or towels.

Help Meal Plan and Make Grocery List

This is a great age to start to teach your child to plan meals for the family and then make the list of groceries needed for those meals.

Go through your process with your child on how you choose what meals to make. What do you take into consideration? Do you think about what is in season? Do you look and see what ingredients you already have on hand? Do you have different categories you pull from?

You can have your child help make the easy meals or even be in charge of the full meal preparation of those meals. For harder meals, you can have your child help with parts of the meal, like cutting things up.

Help with Shopping

When it comes to children, I really believe the phrase “more is caught than taught.” That means your kids learn more by observing and helping you with tasks than by you giving a lesson on how to do something.

When I was growing up, I went grocery shopping with my mother almost every time she went. When I turned 16 and could drive, she handed me the checkbook and I went grocery shopping on my own.

Take your kids shopping with you. They will learn.

I do teach things intentionally while we are out, especially as they get older. I point out what is going on in my head and tell them my little tips and tricks. McKenna often reminds me that I have told her that every time she goes shopping. I tell her I am okay with that.

Become 100% Independent with Personal Hygiene

When your child starts to have physical changes that come with puberty, your child will NOT want your help with personal hygiene.

We have been working toward this over the years. This is the year to make sure your child gets to be 100% independent. Work toward physical independence as well as mental independence. Remember to brush your own teeth and hair are a couple of important life skills.

Clean Appliances

Have your child learn to clean the outside of your appliances. You will need to expect that your child will not be as good at this as you are. If that is hard for you, you might do a rotation system where your child does one week and you do one week while your child gets better at this.

Wipe Kitchen Counters

Have your child take on wiping the counters in the kitchen. The great thing about this chore is that your child will become more mindful of when she spills on the counter and will be more likely to clean up after herself!

Clean Cabinet Fronts

This age group can learn to wipe down the cabinet fronts. You might start this chore in a bathroom where it is typically less dirty and then move into the kitchen.

Wash Windows

Start to teach your child to wash windows. It can be hard to clean windows well and this will take your child some time to get good at.

Make and Work Toward Goals

You might already have this as part of your child’s life. If not, help your child learn how to think of and make goals. Help your child learn how to break the goals down into steps and work on them.

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Learn to Play an Instrument

If your child does not play an instrument, I highly encourage you to consider adding it to your child’s life. The list of benefits in learning to play an instrument is vast. There is mental toughness and studies show an increase in intelligence.

Kids learn a very real-life lesson that it takes time to get good at something. This can be referred to over and over again throughout life.

Improve on Chores

Think through chores your child does to help around the house and improve on them. Does your child empty garbages? What is the nest step there? Maybe your child cleans out a garbage can if it is dirty.

Think about chores unique to your home, family, lifestyle, and culture and build on them.

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Tips for Adding New Chores

As you add chores and responsibilities, remember to add them slowly. These are things to add over the course of the year your child is 10, not thrown all upon your child the week of the 10th birthday.

When introducing a new chore or responsibility, it is wise to introduce it slowly:

  • Explain what the new chore or responsibility will be
  • Have your child observe you doing the job
  • Have your child try it out with your supervision
  • Have your child do the job independently. You check after it is done. Correct anything that needs to be corrected.
  • Move toward independence so your child does the job without you checking on it.

This process can take place over days, weeks, or even months.

Rotate Through Chores

Now that your child is 10, there is a very long age-appropriate chore list. I am not suggesting that your child do every one of these chores every week.

Rotate through chores. This will enable your child to learn to do a variety of chores. It will also keep things fresh and interesting for your child.


Chores provide a lot of value to your child and to your family life. When everyone helps out, everyone has more time to spend as a family and on personal activities.

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