Kaitlyn Teen Summary: 14 Years Old

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Kaitlyn 14 years old in Zion National Park

This is a summary for Kaitlyn from 13.75 years old to 14 years old.


I talked about this last time, but I will reiterate that Kaitlyn has always been my pickiest eater (two of my kids are not picky in the least bit), but she gets better and better about that as she gets older.

She is more willing every day to try new things, which is rewarded as she finds new flavors she likes.


Sleeping is great. Kaitlyn loves to sleep and has no problems sleeping. She has always been on the high-sleep needs spectrum. She does not like to be tired and is sure to get to bed at a reasonable time so she will not be.

Thus far with our teens, we haven’t had to set a bedtime for them. I feel like this is in large part due to the fact that they have spent their lives being well-rested and do not like the feeling of being exhausted.

We have always also worked on teaching them to be responsible and to take care of themselves physically.

We do have a rule at our house that electronics are turned off and turned in by 9 PM on school nights. I am confident that contributes to a reasonable bedtime.

If they had free-reign on the technology time, I am positive time could get away without them (how many adults experience that consistently?).

Kaitlyn is typically asleep before 10 PM and awake by 5:40 AM.


I shared with you last time that Kaitlyn is working to save up enough money for a King Charles Spaniel (they are not cheap).

Kaitlyn is on the waiting list for a puppy with a local, reputable breeder. She was told at first it would be about a year before her turn came up, which worked well for her because she needed to earn the money.

She got a call from them one day that she had jumped to the top of the list and they had a puppy for her.

She had to turn them down because she does not have the money yet.

However, she is almost 1/3 of the way there after only 3.5 months of working, so she is making great progress!

In addition to the money, she is also required to demonstrate superb personal responsibility at home. A puppy is a lot of work and we need to be able to trust her to take care of the puppy in our home.

She is required to keep her room clean (which is not in her nature). She has always been required to clean it regularly, but she is not allowed to go to work until her room is clean. This was an idea she had when proposing the deal to get a puppy.

She is also required to have homework done and piano practiced before leaving to go to work.

She had some struggles with the piano and we had to sit down and talk about it and remind her that the responsibility is as important and necessary as the money.

So she adjusted her routine for getting ready for school so she can fit in her piano before school each day.

She feels a great sense of pride in her personal growth. She is the second child in our family, and she follows a very responsible oldest child.

She often feels inadequate in comparison to him in that area, especially considering that their natural dispositions are quite opposite in that area.

She knows it isn’t easy for her and she is very pleased that she is learning the skills to be able to put first things first and consistently be responsible.

My mom called her a few days ago and had found the exact puppy she wanted for sale. It was the exact coloring, and one that is hard to come by, and the gender she wants.

My mom offered to buy it for her now and she could pay my mom back.

Kaitlyn declined the offer even before talking to Nate and I. She told my mom that she had not yet developed the habits to be responsible enough to take care of a puppy and she needed to work on those before getting one.

I mean…parenting payday for sure. Nate and I were both proud and impressed.


The only things Kaitlyn has going on is soccer and piano (other than working). Those two things are more than enough to keep her busy. She still has piano virtually.

She was able to participate in indoor soccer and has started her spring soccer season.


Kaitlyn is able to take guitar this trimester at school. She is really enjoying it. The video for this post has a clip of her singing a song a day or two after she first started playing the guitar.


Here is her typical schedule. She has moved back the time she leaves for school because, in true middle-child fashion, she couldn’t handle the fact that she was leaving two minutes earlier than she needed to. This is a typical school day schedule.

5:40 AM–Wake up and get ready for school. Practice piano
7:07 AM–Leave for school
2:15 PM–Home from school. Homework.
3:00 PM-Go to work
5:30 PM–Dinner (typically…this can vary depending on when practices are for people). Evening activities range from soccer practices, soccer games, and family time.
9:00 PM–Time to prep for bed. She will shower and clean her room and is asleep before 10.


14 year old teen routine

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