Kaitlyn Teen Summary: 13.75 Years Old

13.75 year old teen girl information and helps. See all about her daily life as a teen girl and get the teen schedule. 

Kaitlyn 13.75 years old

This is a summary for Kaitlyn from 13.5 years old to 13.75 years old.


Kaitlyn is by far my pickiest eater of my children. I believe this is because she had reflux and still gets heartburn from certain foods, so she has always had pain in her life associated with certain foods.

But as I have been sharing in the last couple of updates, she is getting less picky as time goes on. In fact, one of her favorite foods right now is pesto, which I view as a pretty mature flavor that kids don’t usually love.

I do require vegetables be eaten and treats be in moderation. I have always required that and do often have to remind her to get her veggies in.


Sleeping is great! Other than some rough baby sleep due to reflux, sleep has always been a super easy thing with Kaitlyn.

A point of interest with teens and sleep is that they are notorious for sleeping habits that are off. They like to stay up late and sleep in late.

While Kaitlyn is one who I am sure would love to sleep in late, I never let her sleep past 9 AM on weekends unless she is sick.

She knows this.

I do this so she will choose a reasonable bedtime knowing she needs to get up by 9 AM.

On school days, she wakes up at 5:40 AM (5:10 on her piano day), so she gets up early regularly.

Not letting her sleep waaaayyy in on weekends helps her not stay up too late and helps keep sleep on track.

You might note that I said she chooses her bedtime. She is responsible about her bedtime, so I let her choose it. Kaitlyn is a higher sleep needs person and likes to sleep, so it isn’t an issue.

We also require all electronics be turned in to our charging station by 9 PM on school nights, so that helps with bedtime coming at a reasonable hour.

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Teens are famous (infamous?) for their attitude and eye-rolling.

This definitely happens at times with our sweet Kaitlyn.

A funny thing is I have heard Kaitlyn and her friends talk about how they don’t even realize they roll their eyes most of the time.

Probably the thing I have the least patience for as a parent is disrespect.

I think for that reason, along with all of the discipline efforts we have put in over the years, we haven’t yet had major attitude issues from either of our teens (Brayden is currently 15).

Another huge contributor is that my husband and I will sit down with Kaitlyn if we see attitude creeping in. We are frank about what we see and get down the bottom of why the attitude is there. It is important for us all to realize why we are being snippy or impatient toward others.

Sometimes she has something stressing her out big time and we end up talking for hours. She always walks away feeling better.

Sometimes it is as simple as hormones. We talk about how we need to work to control ourselves even when hormones are interfering (because they do!) and also ways to help.

We stay on the same page. We talk things out. We call things out. We don’t get too serious most of the time.

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School has been good! We have been fortunate in this 2020-2021 school year to be in person where we live. Kaitlyn has never had to be quarantined nor has she contracted any major sickness.

We are big rule followers at our house, so any little sickness symptom and the kids stay home. Because of that, she has had a fair number of sick days.

She is in eighth grade and signed up for freshman year last month (yikes!).

Kaitlyn has good friends and makes friends easily. She seems to have a new really good friend in her circle every couple of months.

This isn’t to say middle school life is all sunshine and roses. There are hard things and relationship dynamics to work through. But overall, things are great.

One thing to note, Kaitlyn is an introvert (which means you get physically and emotionally drained from social situations). Because of this, when she gets home, she really needs to be alone for a while to decompress.

This is not my favorite because I have been alone all day and I am an extrovert. Ha! But I totally respect her need for decompression time. She and I will talk for a bit (longer if there is something major that happened that day) and then she goes to be alone for a while.


Soccer has been good! Her team has been practicing indoor and playing a couple of indoor leagues. She is improving a lot.

Her team typically does a couple of tournaments each winter, but those have all been canceled this year. Instead, they have done scrimmages a couple of times each month.


Piano is great! Kaitlyn continues to write songs and it seems like every new song is my new favorite. She typically writes a song in just a few hours.

You can hear her Christmas song she wrote at the end of her video for this post. We need to get a mic for recording her so you can hear her better.


Kaitlyn has loooonnngggg wanted an indoor dog. We have an outdoor dog, but don’t really want to deal with everything that comes from an indoor dog.

Kaitlyn recently asked if she could get a certain type of dog if she paid for it herself.

The dog she wants is typically around $3500, so I happily said yes.

Kaitlyn has never ben someone concerned with money. I think there are good things about that. She isn’t into materialism and she has no big desires to be rich–at this point in her life, money is not an “idol” to her.

But that also means she never really works to save up money. I think that is a really important skill to learn before you become an adult. But because she doesn’t care about money or things, she doesn’t worry about saving it.

Now that she has this goal, she is working regularly at my parent’s (they have a mini-horse farm and she works in the barn). She is saving every penny she gets.

She is calculating how much she needs to earn to get the dog in a year. She knows it might take her longer.

She is contacting breeders herself and trying to find a place to adopt her puppy from. She is researching what to beware of with her desired breed when choosing a breeder and puppy.

There are so many good life skills here.


Here is her typical school day schedule.

5:40 AM–Wake up and get ready for school
7:05 AM–Leave for school
2:15 PM–Home from school. Homework. Piano practice. Relax.
5:00 PM–Dinner (typically…this can vary depending on when practices are for people). Evening activities range from soccer practices, soccer games, and family time.
9:00 PM–Time to prep for bed

On weekends, she is up by 9 AM. She is allowed to keep her devices until 10-11 PM typically. She does chores on Saturday and we have church on Sunday.


13 year old teen daily routine

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  1. Thank you so much for writing these updates, they are so incredibly helpful. My friends and family are so different from me and my families values are quite different from theirs. It is nice to come here and read about another family with the same values as ours. It’s like talking things through with a friend who is on the same page. Thanks again!


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