Kaitlyn Teen Summary: 15.75 Years Old

15.75 year old teen girl information and helps. See all about her daily life as a teen girl and get the teen schedule. 

15 year old Kaitlyn and her dad holding a trophy

This is the latest on Kaitlyn from 15.5-15.75 years old. Kaitlyn is a lot of fun and loves to joke around and make people laugh. She is really good with people and is generally well-liked. She has one of those personalities where everyone just likes them.


Kaitlyn has really been focusing on eating healthy. She is searching up healthy recipes for after school snacks. I love seeing my kids get older and be more intentional and thoughtful about taking care of themselves.


Sleeping is good!


School has been good! The soccer team won state, so that was exciting. Classes have been good. As she looks ahead to junior year next year, she si really thinking about what she thinks she wants to do after high school so she can take classes that help her with that.

Our high school has some fun classes. One is social dance classes. At the end of each trimester, they do a dance competition. Kaitlyn and her partner took second place!


Kaitlyn has been grooming some dogs to earn money. It is a great job for her–she can set her own schedule. She loves to do it. People struggle to get into groomers because they are so full (thanks to all of the new dogs acquired in the last few years).

She is really good at it. She has been grooming her dog since we got her. We got her a grooming table for Christmas. It makes it much easier for her to do the grooming.


This time period, she participated in piano and soccer.


This is the off-season of soccer, but she has had two tournaments. One was in San Diego and the other in Las Vegas. They took first in both.

She went to the San Diego tournament without parents. This can be pretty normal for kids as they get older.


Piano is great! She really enjoys it. She is getting ready to play the organ in church sometimes. She is not excited about that, but she is needed.


She still does not have an end date for her braces to come off. Her younger sister does have a date, so that is hard for her to still have patience.


Here is a typical school day schedule.

6:00 AM Get up and get ready for school
7:30 AM Leave to go to school. Soccer practice is after school.
4:30 PM Get home from school
5:30 PM Dinner (typically)
10:00 PM Time to turn in devices and go to bed (if she hasn’t already)


15.75 year old daily routine

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