Kaitlyn Teen Summary: 15.25 Years Old

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Kaitlyn teen 15

This is the latest on Kaitlyn from 15-15.25 years old.


Eating is going well. This summer, Kaitlyn has been really pushing herself with food and trying all sorts of foods that she has previously not enjoyed. She still does not like many of them (like hot dogs), but some have become a new favorite (like avocado).

I have always been impressed with Kaitlyn’s willingness to push herself.


Sleeping is good. She has always been someone who likes to sleep. This summer, she has decided to not sleep in late, which translates to not staying up late. She gets up by 7-7:30 AM most days, which is quite good for a teenager!


Part of this time period was the end of the school year. It was all great! She is very excited to not be a Freshman next year. She said she didn’t realize how much being a Freshman isn’t fun until she became a Sophomore. Being a Freshman is a huge step up from middle school, but things only get better from there.

That isn’t to say she didn’t enjoy school or anything particularly bad happened–she has just noticed it is quite a bit better to not be a Freshman. I remember Brayden coming to the same realization.


Here are the various activities she did this time period.


She was able to finish off her season and get back into it. Her team was able to go on to regionals for President’s Cup and went all the way to semi-finals there! That was an exciting thing.


Piano lessons are going well! Kaitlyn is a great piano player. She is also a very good song writer. Quite good. She is shy about it and doesn’t want to share, but I hope she will come to the point she will do it. She is great with lyrics and melodies. She has always been an exceptional writer, and she is able to write songs in a way that you can apply them to yourself and connect with it.


We haven’t done voice this summer, but she did finish off this school year. She loves it!


Kaitlyn did some soccer reffing this spring and has done a tournament this summer. She does not LOVE to ref, but it is a really good job as far as pay goes. She loves soccer, so she gets to watch soccer for her job. The downside is, of course, the parents and coaches who get upset.

Kaitlyn doesn’t like conflict. She usually refs with Brayden, which helps her enjoy it more. He does a great job of keeping things under control.


Kaitlyn got her learner’s permit! In our state, you get it at age 15. She can drive in the car with a parent present. She can drive siblings but not anyone who is not in our immediate family.

When she first got it, I offered for her to drive home from the DLD, but she didn’t think that was a good idea.

We instead went to our church parking lot to practice. I was very glad she declined to drive home from the DLD! She wasn’t sure which pedal was the gas and which was the brake. Brayden knew those things, so I didn’t think about needed to learn them.

She has improved as driver a lot and feels comfortable driving now.

She will have a permit until she is 16. At that point she can drive without a parent.


Last time, I shared that she had been moodier than she ever had been. That has gone away and she is back to her normal self.


Summer has been quite busy for her so far. She has been to Disneyland, Phoenix for a soccer tournament, Lava Hot Springs for a family reunion, a week at FSY (a church youth camp), and then local places. It has been fun and busy!


Here is the typical school day schedule

6:00 AM Get up and get ready for school
7:30 AM Leave to go to school
3:00 PM Get home from school
5:30 PM Dinner (typically)
10:00 PM Time to turn in devices and go to bed (if she hasn’t already)

And here is the typical summer schedule

7:00 AM Get up and get ready for soccer. Work on chores/study scriptures
8:00 AM Soccer
11:00 AM Finish up chores and get ready for the day
12:00 Noon Lunch
12:30 PM Free time
5:00 PM Dinner
10-11 PM Bed


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