Brayden Teen Summary: 17 Years Old

All about a 17 year old teenage boy. Teen life for a boy and a typical daily schedule and life who was raised on Babywise.

Nate, Valerie, and Brayden in France

This is a summary for Brayden from 16.75-17 years old.

This is pretty crazy. Brayden is 17 and next year will be a Senior in high school. It really does go so fast. The early years don’t go fast, but once they hit the teen years, it flies.

Eat and Sleep

Eat and sleep are good. There is nothing big here.


School was great! Things ended well. I feel like junior year is really the most fun year of high school. Senior year is great, but at some point, everyone is done and just read to graduate and move on with life.

Student Government

A fun thing that will be coming up next year is Brayden will be doing student government. Things will be busy for him next year for sure! But that will be a lot of fun.


This spring, Brayden was on the track team. He does track just for fun and for a break from swimming. He had a lot of fun and had some great improvements!


Reffing is great. He has had a great reffing season and will be heading to ref the regional competition for state winners this summer. He is excited to be reffing at a high level.

17 Year Old Trip

Nate and I decided many years ago that before each child graduated from high school, we wanted to take them on a trip with just them and us.

We had originally planned on doing this age 15. We had a trip planned to Europe in April 2020. Well…we all know what happened there.

So it got moved to this year. To simplify, we also narrowed it down to just one country. He chose France.

We will be letting our kids choose the location. We have found that if you watch in advance, you can get good deals on flights. We flew to France cheaper than it is for us to fly to Florida.

It really was a great trip and I am so glad we went! You could go anywhere and have a great experience. This is like a one-on-one parent/child date magnified. I would highly recommend it. The age was a great age, also. I think anytime 15ish or older would be great. High school age.

Watch a reel from our entire trip here!


He also continued to take piano lessons and still loves that. He will continue to take lessons between now and graduation.


Here is a very basic schedule for a school day:

6:30 AM wake up
7:30 AM go to school
3:30 PM get home
EVENING homework, chores, ref, socialize, dinner, relax…
10:00 PM go to bed. We have a policy that the teenagers turn in devices by 10 PM on school nights, so they are always turned in by this point although Brayden does go earlier at times.

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