McKenna Baby Summary: Week 15

Schedule and routine for a 14-15 week old newborn baby. Get info on this baby’s daily schedule and what her routine was each day.

15 week old baby sitting in a bouncer

I thought I would change the title of these posts to “Baby Summary” instead of “Newborn Summary” since McKenna is no longer a newborn. This week had its ups and downs. McKenna is losing that newborn ability to sleep well wherever she is, so disruptions are more disruptive to her.


McKenna was less social this week while nursing. She did, however, sometimes seem to not eat as much at a feeding.


Naps started really well. I was having to wake her from most naps. I even made the mistake of thinking, “I think we might be past the times of short naps.” HA! Don’t ever think that. After a weekend of disruptions, it took her a few days to get back on track. But she got there.


Waketime lengths stayed the same as last week. I did notice the extreme importance of her first waketime, though. It really needs to be 50 minutes–absolutely no more. If it is more, she doesn’t nap as long for her first nap.


McKenna went back to waking early in the morning. I would feed her from one side only and then put her back to bed. By the end of the week, she had woken at the same time almost to the minute for a few nights in a row.


I wasn’t worried about this early morning waking, however, because she had a cold. Yes, this is her third cold in life! Poor thing. I think Brayden was older than a year old before he got his first cold.

This is the nature of having siblings to bring sickness home. I try to keep the kids away if they have colds, but they just love to kiss her and hug her and it is impossible to guard her completely. On a positive note, Kaitlyn had more colds as a baby than Brayden but that has translated into fewer colds as a toddler. And while McKenna was waking aroun 5:30 AM, I thought things could be a lot worse.

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McKenna rolled over this week! It always takes me by surprise for some reason when my kids do this for the first time. Since McKenna is currently the youngest of three, she also just seems young to me. She is a couple of weeks away from 4 months, which is the age Brayden and Kaitlyn started solids. She is still a baby! I can’t imagine her eating solids right now. I find the psychological aspect of placement in the family so interesting.


McKenna started waking happy from some of her naps this week. She wakes up and coos. If your baby isn’t doing this by this age, please don’t panic. Babywise says baby starts to wake up happy around 5 months. A poll I did almost a year ago, however, had 42% waking happy somewhere from 3-4 months old. See Poll Results: At what age did baby start to consistently wake up happy from naps? .


I am so happy to report that the witching hour is over! We no longer use the swing at all. I am going to spend some time reflecting on the witching hour experience and will write a post on it in the future.

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We are still swaddling. I know that is nothing to report, but this is an age where parents constantly consider dropping the swaddle, so I thought I would make it clear that we still are. I am, however, closely watching and monitoring for the time to stop. Kaitlyn was around this age when we stopped.

I will wait until I am confident she has good control over her arms. I am not sure she will be one to slowly wean (with one arm out at first). She uses one hand to hold the other hand in her mouth, so I think leaving just one hand out would frustrate her.

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I don’t think there is any rush to drop the swaddle. Some moms swaddle up until a year old! I do want to drop it as soon as she is ready for it, but I am not going to drop it until we can do so without causing problems to sleep. One exception I would make for this rule is if she started to roll from front to back while swaddled. It would then become a potentially dangerous situation to be swaddled and I would stop the swaddle to maintain safety.

15 week old baby schedule pinnable image


8:00 AM–eat
8:50 AM–nap
11:00 AM–eat
12:00 PM–nap
2:00 PM–eat (sometimes this was at 1:30 PM)
3:00 PM–nap
4:30 PM–eat
5:40-5:50 PM–nap
6:30 PM–sometimes woke. She is starting to usually take a shorter nap at this time of day. If she woke at 6:30, I got her and held her until starting to feed her at 7:00 PM. If she didn’t wake at 6:30, I got her up at 7:00 to eat.
7:00 PM–eat then right back to bed.
7:30 PM–in bed
10:00-10:30 PM–dreamfeed
5:30ish AM–eat from one side


This week was the Fourth of July (Independence Day). We always host the party at our house for both my side and my husband’s side of the family. My mom was very awesome. She called me a few days before and asked me if I wanted her to stay at the house with McKenna while we went to the parade. My mom doesn’t feel bad at all about missing a parade. I accepted. This was so nice for McKenna! She literally slept the entire time we were gone for the parade. When Brayden was a baby, he was very overstimulated by the parade; I ended up leaving it early because he was having such a hard time with it. I thought this was very nice of my mom.