McKenna Baby Summary: Week 51

Schedule and routine for a 50-51 week old baby. Get info on this 11 month old daily schedule and routine for each day and know how to structure your day.

51 week old McKenna

As I write this, we are starting McKenna’s final week before she turns one! I can’t believe it!


Nursing is the big story of the week. McKenna continued biting me. Most of the time it was just with her lips. But as the week progressed, she had two top teeth close to breaking through.

I seem to make a fabulous teether. One day, she bit down and pulled off while still biting. Ouch.

I decided to drop a feeding at that moment. So we are down to three feedings a day. I give her formula for the one I dropped, but she will only drink two ounces. Despite that, it is more than I thought she would drink.

Also, I know several moms who go to three feedings a day around 9 months, so I think she will be fine. I like to go to three liquid feedings at 12 months, so it is good prep.

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Blanket time is much improved. We still do 10 minutes a day. She still has her moments of trying to get off. Most of the time she laughs her little head off as she tries. But things are getting better slowly.


McKenna can have a blood-curdling scream.

You know those screams that literally send chills up your spine? Yeah. She can do that.

This is my first child capable of such screams. She does it at dinner when she wants more food.

We have been working and working with her to sign “more” instead. Finally this week, she started signing instead of screaming. Happy day! My blood will flow more smoothly.

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8:30 AM–wake, nurse, solids (prunes or peaches/apricots and oatmeal). This is when we do a bath (four days a week) and independent playtime. We then do sibling playtime.
10:30 AM–nap.
12:30 PM–wake, nurse, solids (green veggie and applesauce. Sometimes mix with blueberries or cherries). She then “helps” me put Brayden in rest time (which just means telling him to go) and Kaitlyn down for her nap. We then do blanket time followed by free play with me in the same room.
2:30 PM–nap
4:30 PM–wake, formula (sort of), solids (yellow veggie and bananas or pears). Then time with Daddy.
5:30ish PM–dinner with family. Finger foods and what we are having. Then time with family.
7:15-7:30 PM–nurse, PJs, story, prayers, bed.

Babywise schedule week 51