The Screaming Non-Verbal Baby/Toddler

You may be familiar with it. The child who is old enough to know what she wants and certainly has an opinion on what she wants, but she can’t communicate… View Post

How to Prevent Whining

If you do not yet have a child old enough to whine, let me assure you it is one of the most frustrating habits a child can pick up. I… View Post

McKenna Baby Summary: Week 51

As I write this, we are starting McKenna’s final week before she turns one! I can’t believe it! NURSING Nursing is the big story of the week. McKenna continued biting… View Post

McKenna Baby Summary: Week 45

McKenna and Kaitlyn playing together in sibling playtime Aaahhh. Peace. I really hadn’t realized it, but McKenna was grumpy basically for all of January as her tooth broke through. I… View Post

McKenna Baby Summary: Week 27

This week was another good week. Highly uneventful, though πŸ™‚ McKenna is now 6 months old! I cannot believe it. I cannot believe that in another six months, she will… View Post

Poll Results: If you taught your baby sign language (at any age), do you think it helped or hindered verbal language development?

Results: Helped: 69 votes (64%) Hurt: 9 votes (8%) Neither: 13 votes (12%) I don’t know: 17 votes (16%) Total of 108 votes* *I added my vote to the results… View Post

Controlling the Young Temper

Controlling the young temper tips. What to do when your young toddler has a tantrum. I recently wrote about how Brayden (now 3) had a short fuse when he was… View Post