Babywise with a Colic Baby: 6 Tips

Tips to help you with your colicky Babywise baby. Babywise can help with your colic baby to get more sleep and less crying.

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In just three children and five pregnancies, I have experienced a whole lot of what parenthood can throw at you.

I have terrible pregnancies. I have lost a baby. I have had a reflux baby. I have had three different personalities among my children. I have had the chronic 45 minute napper as well as the perfect sleeper. I have had the baby with eczema. I had the picky eater and the child who will eat anything. The reason I can write about so much on this blog is because I have experienced so much.

This is not lost on me–as well as on many of my friends. They like to point out that I need to experience it all so I can write about even more topics. As I moved forward with getting pregnant with my latest baby, I reflected on the experiences I have had, but mostly on the ones I have not had. While I have experienced much, I have most certainly not experienced it all.

And that is scary–because there is much more to experience out there.

Twins were one of my first concerns–I wanted twins before I ever had a baby, but I am now wise enough to understand that pregnancies and babies are easiest one at a time. I know, I would find much joy in twins if they came my way, but it isn’t something I feel up to necessarily. An early ultrasound cleared me of that concern.

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Reflux is always a concern of mine after having had a baby with reflux. As easy as Kaitlyn was in comparison to other babies with reflux, there are so many challenges associated even with an “easy” reflux baby. That is a road I have traveled and really hope to never face again–and I know the moms who have had babies with reflux know what I mean.

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Another concern is colic. I think colic would be very challenging, and I especially think trying to handle colic while needing to care for three other children would be challenging.

I am sure I am not the only one to feel a little nervous at the prospect of any of these three things, and once you are there, you need all of the help and advice you can get.

Tips for Babywise and Colic

Today, I will discuss the advice offered in Babywise on colic. I have asked two special guests to write on twins and reflux–they each have much experience in the respective area and I knew they could do a better job than I in conveying how to make it all work. Let’s start today with colic.

1-Talk to a Doctor

Many things look like colic but are not actually colic. One thing that can make you think colic is reflux. There can also be gas, allergies, or other digestive issues.

You want to be sure to rule out other factors–you don’t want to be riding out “colic” if it is actually something that can be treated and relief can be brought to your baby.

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2-Do What Works

Each baby is different. They will all like different things to help settle them some with colic.

Bouncing, swaddling, white noise, pacifier, swings, medicine balls…I find it helpful to hear from lots of moms when finding what works for whatever I am solving with my kids.

Do some reading and try the tricks that worked for people until you find what works for you. Connect with other moms who have had colic babies so you can get real ideas from real moms.

3-Watch Your Diet

If you are breastfeeding, your diet can contribute to the problem. If you are formula feeding, I have heard from many moms saying formula type and brand can have an impact on baby.

4-Burp Frequently and Efficiently

Babywise states that colicky babies need to be burped frequently (page 161). Three years ago, a reader shared this method, the Towle Method, of burping. She loved it. Get a copy of it to get relief!

5-Monitor Stimulation Levels Closely

Any baby can get overstimulated easily. A colicky baby is no exception and can be even more sensitive. See more on Overstimulation here.

6-Take Care of You

Remember to take care of yourself. Accept help (ask for help if you need to). Getting away from the situation rejuvenates you and helps you to see the bigger picture of life. This can help give you the strength to make it through another day.


What are your colic tips? What worked for your baby, you, and your family? Please share! It will help a future mom of a colicy baby.

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